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Paymo makes project management easy, even if you're not a project manager. Take control of your projects and keep your team in sync. Have a look at how our online PM software can help your organization.

Paymo Project Management

Project Planning - Gantt Charts

The Gantt Chart is a scheduling tool and the most useful way of showing tasks displayed against time and how they relate to each other. At a glance, you'll be able to see what has to be done, by whom and when. On top of that, you can also see the work progress, overdue tasks and adjust the schedule accordingly using simple drag&drop actions. For a sequence of dependent tasks, the app will automatically calculate the critical path, or the minimum time needed to complete the project.

Project Planning with Gantt Charts

Resource Scheduling

Visually manage your work, people and time bookings in a beautiful timeline. You can schedule bookings and assign tasks directly on the timeline, check what employees will be working on and how their time is booked. See at a glance who’s booked and who’s available for work, check overbooked or under-booked resources and make changes to your plans in real time.

Task Assignments

Progress Kanban Boards

The progress board allows you to create a workflow and move project tasks through sequential and logical steps. Everyone involved in the project can easily see the work progress at anytime. The boards can be customized to adapt to your specific workflows. You can switch back and forth between classical and Kanban task views depending on context.

Public Visual Kanban Boards

Real-time Task Management

Seamless keyboard friendly inline editing gives you the possibility to change or add tasks quickly. You can organize similar tasks into task lists & easily reorder tasks with drag and drop. For more information you can always switch to an advanced tasks view with filtering capabilities or check the full task view to see everything related to the task in context (description, files & real-time comments).

Task Management

Powerful Filtering System

As a project manager you can easily filter any tasks view to allow you to focus on what you need. Filtering is also available at project level and in time-sheets allowing you to drill down and get the most relevant data with a few clicks. In addition each user will have access to a special module called "My Tasks" that will give them an overview on what they should be working at any given time.

Public Visual Kanban Boards

Multiple Task Views

Paymo has a flexible tasks view feature that can display data in various forms depending on what you'd like to accomplish. You can view tasks as a simple ToDo list, a spreadsheet like table view, a KanBan board where tasks are displayed as cards or a Gantt Chart timeline with dependencies.

Task Assignments

Project Templates

If you run most of your projects in a similar way, "Templates" saves time and streamlines your workflow. Each time you create a new project, you can save it as a template that you can re-use for similar projects in the future without having to start from scratch.

Project Templates

Bird's-eye View of All Your Projects

Get a quick high-level view of the entire portfolio with the Table View in your "Projects" list. You'll get information about projects progress (hours worked from total, number of completed tasks), financial information (unbilled accounts receivable) and project status.

Bird's-eye view of all your projects


With milestones everyone on the team knows when major project stages are due. You can set up custom alerts to be delivered on time. Using the "Milestones" dashboard widget you'll get a global overview across projects for the whole company.


Detailed Project Data

The app dashboard gives you snapshot for your company: you'll have essential information about the time you've spent on your work, clients, projects and financial information. This real-time data will help you adjust your plans accordingly.

Detailed project data

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