We're constantly challenged to find ways to fit all the work in without sacrificing on quality. Paymo helps us keep our finger on the pulse of project performance. Stephanie Downes, Project Manager - States of Matter

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Paymo helps us keep track of the hours put on the different projects and we use it on a daily basis to calculate our production costs and to help us with invoicing. Maïa Mannequin, Administrative Officer - Illogika

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Anthony Santagati

Digital Strategist - Santagati

“Paymo has been instrumental in helping me organize my business. The structure it provides, especially in the keeping of timesheets and printing of reports, is invaluable both to me and to my clients.”

Frederik Vaes

Architect - 'UAU' Collectiv

“We have a lot of deadlines, a lot of administration. Financial follow up is crucial. We use the app for registration of the working hours. Paymo is very important to make the right business decisions.”

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