Smart Resource Scheduling Software

Our Smart Scheduler can create an automatic schedule for your team cutting down booking time drastically.
Easily plan & keep track of who's working on what at a specific time.

Resource Scheduling Software

Get a bird’s-eye view of your companies schedule and your team’s utilisation

Cut down on meetings times and unnecessary communication to find out who's available for work, who's overbooked and who's available. With Paymo's scheduler you get all these answers on a beautiful visual timeline.

Team Scheduling

Automatic Ghost Bookings

Paymo's smart scheduling tool sets up ghost booking automatically for you based on your previously entered task details. Instead of manually setting up bookings you can convert the auto-generated ghost booking into real bookings in no time.

Ghost Bookings

Employee & Project Schedules On The Same Timeline

Easily switch between the team view and the project view timeline. Get a visual representation of your bookings for the whole team and for all your projects on the same screen simply by switching views.

Employee & Project Schedules

We're constantly challenged to find ways to fit all the work in without sacrificing on quality. Paymo helps us keep our finger on the pulse of project performance. Stephanie Downes, Project Manager - States of Matter

Real Time Team Scheduling

Make smarter decisions with real time bookings. Multiple managers can collaborate on scheduling, all changes are updated and visible in real time cutting time needed to align plans.

Real-Time Team Scheduling

See who's overbooked or under-booked

See at a glance which employees are overbooked or under-booked. You can modify bookings directly on the timeline simply by dragging and resizing bookings with your mouse.

Overbooked & Underbooked

Built-in Leave Planner

An accurate and efficient leave management system that will save your staff and your organisation both time and money. View all leaves on your timeline and easily add leave days to any employee without leaving the scheduler.


Transform Bookings into Time Entries

Minimise data entry time by turning existing bookings into time entries. Any manager can easily import bookings for any employee into timesheets with a couple of clicks.

Bookings to Entries

We have a lot of deadlines, a lot of administration. Financial follow up is crucial. Paymo is very important to make the right business decisions everyday. Frederik Vaes, Architect - ‘UAU’ Collectiv

More Paymo Features

The Resource Scheduling Software is just a module in Paymo, which is a full-featured project management software that helps your team manage your projects from start to finish.

Gantt Charts

The Gantt Chart allows you to plan and schedule projects in detail showing tasks on a timeline and how they relate to each other. Tasks scheduled in the Gantt Chart are converted automatically to ghost bookings in the Scheduler.

Time Tracking

Accurately record time spent on projects or tasks in your browser or mobile phone. Just start the stopwatch when you're ready to work. Time entries will be saved with start and end times for accurate time reports.

Real-Time Collaboration

The application allows you and your team to chat in real time about latest task and project updates or create general discussions. Whenever a new comment is posted you can decide who receives an email notification.

Kanban Boards

The Kanban board allows you to create various workflows and move project tasks through sequential and logical steps. The people involved in the project can easily see the work progress at anytime. The boards can be customized to adapt to existent workflows.

Project Accounting

Paymo allows you to create estimates and convert them into invoices. You can manually adjust the data and share the invoice with your clients via email. Invoices are available in multiple languages and currencies and are fully customizable.

... and More

File Sharing with Unlimited Storage, Custom Access Permissions, Multilingual Interface, Google Apps Integration and RESTful API ar just a few more features and options available in Paymo. For the complete list, please check this page.

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