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Know who’s working on what, for how long. Quickly see who’s overbooked.


Employee & project schedules on the same timeline

Get a visual representation of your bookings for the whole team and your projects on the same screen by simply switching between Ungrouped, Projects, or Users view.

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timeline grouped projects
timeline grouped users

Stephanie Downes

Project Manager @States of Matter

We're constantly challenged to find ways to fit all the work in without sacrificing quality. Paymo helps us keep our finger on the pulse of project performance.

real time scheduling
book time hourly level
plan unscheduled tasks

Frederik Vaes

We have a lot of deadlines, a lot of administration. Financial follow-up is crucial. Paymo is very important to make the right business decisions every day.

More Paymo Features

Project management

Create and assign tasks to your team members, monitor work progress, identify bottlenecks, and collaborate in real-time.

Time tracking

Log work time manually, automatically—via the web timer—or using a dedicated desktop or mobile tool.

Project invoicing

Create estimates, manage expenses, generate invoices and send them to your clients. Get paid online via payment gateway integrations.

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