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Review designs faster in a collaborative workspace

Provide actionable feedback and speed up the approval process.

Project management and file proofing

Managing tasks in one place then proofing files someplace else is ineffective. With Paymo, you can manage projects and review files in the same app.

Highlight design changes

Give actionable feedback and ship designs faster. Use the markup tool to pinpoint exactly which areas of your creative assets require changes.

Leave threaded comments

Are you tired of back and forth across multiple communication channels? Unsure about some feedback in particular? Reply to comments in the annotation thread and ask clarifying questions to be on the same page with your reviewers.

Hide resolved annotations

Scrolling through irrelevant feedback drains your attention. Mark an annotation as resolved once the design changes are made, then hide it to declutter your space. Re-open it if you need to make new revisions.

Review file versions

Upload JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, & PSD files and compare them to their older versions using the version control feature. Download them if you need to pick up where other designers have left off.

Explore other features

Time tracking

Log work time manually–via the web timer or the mobile tools–and automatically with Paymo Track.

Project invoicing

Create estimates, manage expenses, generate invoices and send them to your clients. Get paid online via the payment gateway integrations.

Resource management

Manage workloads, availabilities, and leave days on a visual schedule, and see at a glance who’s overbooked or underbooked.

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