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Manage projects, track time, and invoice clients from your smartphone.


Manage projects and tasks

Yours and your team’s tasks

The easiest way to start your day is to know exactly what’s on your plate – sort tasks by project, due date, priority, or progress.

Create subtasks

Divide a complex task into smaller, more manageable parts.

Add comments

Collaborate with your team in real-time by adding comments.

Upload files

Keep everything related to the project in the same place.

Track and monitor work time

Multiple ways to track and add time

When adding time, you can choose between a stopwatch, adding it as an interval or duration.




Monitor and edit time entries

The timesheets area allows you to view and edit existing time entries or quickly add new ones.

See who’s working on what anytime

The active timers section displays all running timers within the company. It shows who’s working on what and for how long.

Create invoices and bill your clients

Add expenses to a client

Keep track of every dollar spent, upload receipts, and add the expense to the corresponding client.

View and edit existing invoices

If you want to modify something, you can access the list and change the invoices that haven’t been paid yet.

Create an invoice from scratch

Turn timesheet data into an invoice or add items manually, and instantly send it to your client.

Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris Designs

I need exact time tracking, invoicing, estimates, and a way to keep track of expenses - Paymo makes it easy to do all these tasks.

The mobile apps are just a fraction of Paymo

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