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Plan vacations and leave days for your employees

Know whom to rely on and prevent burnout.


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Add and manage leave days in bulk

Set public holidays across the entire company with just a few clicks. This promotes overall transparency as your colleagues can see which days to skip in their timesheet without having to send a blast email or meet them in person.

Keep an eye on your team’s leave days

Each user dashboard contains a legal leave days widget, so you and your HR department can have a quick overview of the total and remaining days off—including unpaid days—for everyone on your team.

Avoid conflicting schedules across the team

Have you ever had to pause a project because a key team member was sick or away? Avoid this kind of conflict and signal out-of-office time in advance directly in the Team Scheduler. Leave days will show as diagonal yellow lines across the leave range.

Account for different leave types

Sick leave? Checked. Maternity or paternity leave? Checked. Set your types of leave days to account for unpaid study time or paid sabbaticals—whatever rocks your boat.

Explore other features

Time tracking

Log work time manually–via the web timer or the mobile tools–and automatically with Paymo Track.

Resource management

Manage workloads, availabilities, and leave days on a visual schedule, and see at a glance who’s overbooked or underbooked.

Project invoicing

Create estimates, manage expenses, generate invoices and send them to your clients. Get paid online via the payment gateway integrations.

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