Complete Feature List

Teal Stain

Planning & Scheduling


You are able to set up alerts for major events that require special attention during the lifetime of a project.

Project Templates

You can create and reuse task templates based on a current project for future use.

Gantt Charts

The software offers a Gantt Chart view to illustrate a project’s start and finish dates as well as its summary elements.

Portfolio Gantt Chart

It offers the "big picture" and information about all projects in one screen.

Critical Path

The software highlights the longest path of planned activities together with the earliest and latest that each activity can start and finish without making the project longer.

Task Management

Comment on Tasks

You can comment on individual tasks and keep all the details of the task in context.


You can set dependencies to indicate that a task relies on the status of a separate task to be performed.

Multi-User Assigning

You can assign multiple users to the same task.

Task Duration

You can set the length of time necessary to complete a task.

Task Templates

You can save time by creating templates for common tasks for later use.

Task Hours Budget

You can set the amount of hours it will take to complete a task.

Kanban Boards

You can define and create a workflow and move project tasks through sequential and logical steps.

Resource Management

Events / Holidays

You can adjust the resource calendar to account for company time off, special events, or holidays.

Resource Calendar Views

You can view your resource allocation on a calendar to get an overview of resources usage.

Resource Exceptions

You can adjust the resource calendar to account for a team member's time off.

Resource Load Chart

You can get a real-time view of the workload and availability of each resource.

User Permissions

The administrator can determine the level of user access within the project management software.

Financial Management


You can set a project budget and measure an outcome against it.

Expense Tracking

You can track expenses for a project or work item.

Financial Indicators

You can view the financial health of a project in terms of estimate vs. actual budget.

Fixed Price Rates

You can set a fixed price rate on a work item, such as a task, to indicate the price of fixed-cost items on a project.

Time Based Rates

You can set a hourly price rate on a work item or a resource.

Billing Priorities

When creating projects you can choose the rate that has priority during billing.

Team Collaboration

Activity Stream

The software has a stream of recent activities performed by all users.

Real-Time Discussions

You can collaborate in real-time with other team members using the dedicated discussions and comments area.


Email notifications for important updates are automatically sent to resources, like being assigned a new task or being removed from an older one.

Shareable Notes

Team members can create, share between them, and export notes.

File Management

Attach Files

You can attach files from your computer or Google Drive directly to a project or a task.

File Organization

You can organize files within a central file storage location for each project.

Unlimited Storage Space

The Business plan offers unlimited storage space as part of your package at no extra cost.

Time Management

Time Clock

You can start and stop a built-in clock to accurately track work time on a task.

Time Tracking

Users are able to track and log time on a given task.

Add Bulk Time

Add multiple time entries in one screen.

Desktop Apps

Track work time using a desktop application for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Automatic Time Tracking

You can track everything you do on your computer and link entries to ongoing projects.


Time Reports

You can create reports to show the time allocated and/or spent on certain tasks or projects.

User Reports

You can create and view reports on each user within your projects.

Report Exporting

You can export/download reports into various file formats.

Report Sharing

You can share reports with your clients to keep them informed about the project progress.


Additional Languages

The software is available in 18 languages.

Customizable Dashboard

You can customize the display and layout of your dashboard.

Customizable Workspace

You can customize the display and layout of your work areas.


Create Estimates

The software allows you to create estimates that can be converted into invoices with a single click.

Create Invoices

You can issue and send invoices to your clients.

Multi-language Invoices

You can create invoices from templates in 15 languages.

Recurring profiles

You can generate and send invoices automatically based on your settings.

Direct Payments

You can create invoices in Paymo and let your clients pay you directly from the invoice through a payment gateway.

Email Templates

You can create email templates that are used for sending estimates, invoices and payment reminders.


Android App

You can download a native Android application to track work time on the go.

iPhone App

You can download a native iPhone application to track time on the go.


Application Programming Interface

The software has a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.

Google Apps

You can sign-up/sign-in with a Google account and add files in Paymo from Google Drive.

adobe cc
Adobe CC Extension

The Paymo Time Tracker widget is integrated directly into your favorite Adobe apps. You can use the stopwatch to track time, view & manage your time entries.


Zapier allows you to connect with more than 1000 apps, facilitating task automation, and getting more out of your data.


The GrandTotal integration allows you to track work in Paymo and then invoice that time with GrandTotal, a desktop application for Mac.