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Empowering small businesses to work better, wherever they are

90% of the world’s economy is made up of small businesses. But launching and growing one requires more than just a strong will.

Paymo’s purpose is to empower these small businesses to thrive. That’s why we’ve built a tool that’s easy to adopt and integrate in daily workflows. One that helps you save time and focus on what matters to you the most.


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Cristian Stoicescu

Cromatic Studios

The team is more focused on every project, since they are rarely interrupted by missed tasks that need urgent attention. I can estimate a 25-30% increase in productivity and maybe, more importantly, a decrease in the overall stress level.

Time tracking is seamlessly integrated into our current design workflow. This allows us to identify where we need to increase project costs (9/10 times it’s with “customer correspondence”).

Neal Bauer

Neal Bauer

Bauer Graphics

It became so crucial to track task statuses with Paymo, that we felt safe enough to tackle more concurrent tasks, doing much more at the same time.

Leonardo Baptista

Leonardo Baptista


What I love is the ability to create custom workflows (that's great when you have different types of projects). I've also adopted Gantt Charts, which prove useful as soon as you're working with more than one person and on bigger projects.

Maral Pourkazemi

Maral Pourkazemi


Based on the time reports in Paymo, I can make educated decisions about shifting employees onto different project types, discuss issues with their turnaround, or offer raises for high performance.

David Aguilar

David Aguilar

Archaius Creative

It was easy to get up and running. Their support is top-notch and gives genuine replies. Not some generic FAQ bullshit.

Carlin Rookes

Carlin Rookes


Olga Robles

Hiru Estudio

We have been using Paymo for 2 years and it has become an essential tool for our business: we control our database of clients, projects, budgets, time entries, while offering a professional image with invoicing.

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