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I have used Paymo for freelance work and now for my product design and branding studio in Brooklyn, NY. It is great for helping us easily keep track of accurate time spent on client projects as well as tracking internal projects.

Read more Robert Lee Brackett III
Robert Lee Brackett III Miscellaneous Projects LLC

As a freelance graphic designer, I have really enjoyed using Paymo. When I first found this app, I was looking for a way to track the time I was spending on individual projects, but Paymo has provided so much more than that.

Read more Anthony D. Kapp
Anthony D. Kapp ADK Creative

The Paymo App allows our small business to focus on our business — not our paperwork. Tracking our time, creating estimates and invoices is made simple using this App. We use it every day.

Read more Danielle Bushore
Danielle Bushore Nine Sixteen Creative INC

As a small business owner, I use Paymo to help me manage my time for each of my clients and their projects. I can also easily send invoices, which allow clients to pay online, and that’s both convenient and efficient.

Read more Marisa Peacock
Marisa Peacock Strategic Peacock

I really like that I can use both the web and desktop software with Paymo. PaymoPlus is constantly recording the time I spend working on different programs, which comes in handy if I forget to manually start the timer on the web interface.

Read more Alex Chapin
Alex Chapin SRI

Paymo has worked wonders for Vaer Consulting. It enables the team to keep track of every task no matter what your location. Perfect for a digital marketer to complete work out of the office.

Read more Tara Pamela Ryan
Tara Pamela Ryan VAER Consulting

I am a Web Developer providing services to customers on a per project as well as hourly basis. Due to priority, which project I am working on at any given time can change rapidly.

Read more Darin J. Short
Darin J. Short Short Results

Paymo has greatly helped me keep track of how much work I’ve done, on what specifically, and for whom. It’s been a lifesaver in providing specific information to my clients about what I was doing on their time.

Read more Jonathan Ming
Jonathan Ming IC Media INC

I work with companies in a social media and marketing capacity. Paymo has been instrumental in keeping me organized with simplicity. I am able to manage multiple projects for different clients and track my time for each.

Read more Shaherra M. Rolen
Shaherra M. Rolen Pynk Tye Consulting

I love using Paymo. It’s quick, easy and helps me manage my time. With the time tracker widget, I’m able to accurately track time spent on projects which helps me stay on budget and invoice my clients correctly.

Read more Brandy Miller
Brandy Miller Jellison Technologies

I searched for a while to find a simple and cost effective tool that would streamline our time tracking and billing of that time. Before Paymo, we used spreadsheets for individuals to track time.

Read more Steve Rane
Steve Rane Community Development Group

As a virtual assistant, Paymo has been the only time tracking app that works for all of my clients’ needs. It helps me to save time and frustration by being able to track the hours for all of my different clients’ projects within one area.

Read more Meredith Jones
Meredith Jones Meredith Jones

I have launched my last venture a few weeks ago, and I was looking for a tool to see how much time am I spending on each project. What I got with Paymo is much more than that. First of all, Paymo helped me to understand the value of my work.

Read more Marius Gheghici
Marius Gheghici Tomorrow Internet

I have been using Paymo for over a year and it has been critical to my business. It’s very user-friendly and I am pleasantly surprised at the features that are available for free. The reporting and invoicing are very detailed.

Read more Aaron Hayes
Aaron Hayes Hayesware LLC

Favorite feature is the clear timer on the left-hand side. Allows me to quickly jump between projects and make notes without having to hunt down each individual project; the navigation is also very simple.

Read more Sean Glendinning
Sean Glendinning Fitness Management

As the Manager of Software Development at Intellergy I use Paymo for project management purposes. By inputting time for projects I can gauge how much time is spent on specific tasks and what needs to be finished.

Read more Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson Intellergy Inc.

Paymo helps me manage my life in so many different ways. Time management and staying on track are important when you are billing by the hour. With the widget and Paymo plus I am able to know exactly what I have done for each client at any time.

Read more Brett Burky
Brett Burky Radically Ambitious

Thanks to Paymo I can track my time for multiple clients, set up deadlines, and track hours to compare with similar work. It’s great organizational tool already, and I only use the basics!

Read more Bill Haas
Bill Haas Promos 4 U

Using Paymo we can save hours of administration and be more productive. The rich feature set offers everything we need, from invoices to advanced timesheets. Great tool.

Read more Teun Lassche

I have looked at quite a few time keeping applications and have found that Paymo is the most user friendly system for me. I have multiple projects on the go, which all need tracking, and Paymo allows me to do this.

Read more Alex Orttewell
Alex Orttewell A O Consultancy LTD

As a Virtual Assistant using Paymo means I can keep track of multiple clients and projects with ease. One glance at the project list shows me how time has been used and the unbilled costs to the minute.

Read more Heather Siverns
Heather Siverns Starsiren Office Services