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How to stop work chaos and get clarity on your projects

Working in a team can feel a lot like a circus sometimes. Endless meetings, juggling constant interruptions, sudden tech issues, all these are nothing but distractions. You need better collaboration: plan ahead, communicate, and manage work in a single place.

Plan ahead

Evaluate and prioritize work

Create and assign tasks, add budgets, and set priorities. Follow and monitor the work through visual burndown graphs to keep your team accountable.

Order tasks in a logical sequence

The Gantt Chart view allows you to set task dependencies, showing you which tasks need to be finished before others start. Spot the critical activities and export the plan to update your client about the project’s progress.

View the team's workload in a resource calendar

At a single glance, the Team Scheduler lets you know who works on what, when, and for how long. View and add leave days on the same timeline.


Real-time task discussions

Chat with your team about the latest project updates in real-time without losing context. Notify only the relevant people, and if you’re using Slack, sync your conversations in Paymo and make sure that no critical details are slipping through the cracks.

Bring all content together

In Paymo, each asset belongs to a related project, task, or comment, so your team knows exactly where to find them. Upload files from Google Drive, Slack, or JotForm for convenience, thus shortening the feedback loop.

Stay up to date with email & in-app notifications

Get the latest project updates through customizable email notifications that can be turned off or on to your liking, while in-app notifications effectively catch traceless details that might impact your project.

Invite clients in Paymo

You can add external users in your account as 'Guests' to keep them updated on the progress of their projects. They can access everything you share with them, add tasks, discussions, and comment on tasks.

Manage Work

View your team's tasks at a glance

Have a bird’s-eye view of everything going on with your team’s tasks. Access the dedicated area or the Portfolio Gantt Chart to see how projects stack up against each other or view them all in a Meta Kanban Board.




Transparent workflows

Know the status of a task with the help of workflows that define the logical and sequential steps a task has to go through. Add columns, rename, and color code them to reflect your processes better.

Centralized timesheets

Paymo allows your team to track time in various ways, while all the time entries get centralized in a common timesheet. Create detailed time reports and share them with your team or clients.

Explore other features

Time tracking

Log work time manually–via the web timer or the mobile tools–and automatically with Paymo Track.

Project invoicing

Create estimates, manage expenses, generate invoices and send them to your clients. Get paid online via the payment gateway integrations.

Resource management

Manage workloads, availabilities, and leave days on a visual schedule, and see at a glance who’s overbooked or underbooked.

Join Paymo today and take complete control over your tasks.

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