Gantt Chart Software

The Gantt Chart is a module in Paymo that helps your team plan, schedule and monitor projects progress by indicating what needs to be done, when and by whom.

Know exactly what needs to be done at any moment

In order to make the right decisions you have to know what needs to be done at any moment in time. The Gantt Chart is the best visual way of showing how activities or tasks display against time. Each activity is shown on the timeline as a segment that represents the duration of that activity.

Gantt Chart Timeline

See who is responsible for each activity

The Gantt Chart tells you which team member should be working on a task on any given day. This information helps you identify who’s busy and who’s not, if you need more staffing and keep your team members satisfied by not assigning them too much work.

Assign people to tasks in Gantt Chart

Easily define how tasks relate to each other

Dependencies are basically logical relationships between tasks or activities. This is highly relevant because it tells you what activities need to be finished before others can start, and how delays of certain activities can influence the project as a whole.

Gantt Chart Dependencies

We're constantly challenged to find ways to fit all the work in without sacrificing on quality. Paymo helps us keep our finger on the pulse of project performance. Stephanie Downes, Project Manager - States of Matter

Check the project’s progress

Besides the what, who and when, as a project manager you also need to make sure the project is moving according to the plan and - if necessary - make some adjustments. The Gantt Chart will offer you visual indicators of the percentage of hours worked from total allocated.

Project Progress in Gantt Chart

Identify issues and make adjustments

In order to make sure that things are moving according to the plan, the Gantt Chart offers visual clues that help you easily identify bottlenecks and problems that occur during the life cycle of a project: past due tasks, broken dependencies or overdue budget hours.

Identify issues in a Gantt Chart

Bird’s eye view of all projects in portfolio

If you’re the one responsible with the entire portfolio of projects in your company, the “Portfolio Gantt Chart” offers the big picture of all active projects. This information is vital when you have to decide when and if your company can handle another project.

Portfolio Gantt Chart

See your own tasks in a calendar view

As an employee, you’re be able to see or filter your own tasks in a timeline view. At a glance you know exactly what you need to do, what are the deadlines, how long you’ve been working or how much you have to work on certain tasks.

User tasks in a Gantt Chart

We have a lot of deadlines, a lot of administration. Financial follow up is crucial. Paymo is very important to make the right business decisions everyday. Frederik Vaes, Architect - ‘UAU’ Collectiv

More Paymo Features

The Gantt Chart is just a module in Paymo, which is a full-featured project management software that helps your team manage your projects from start to finish.

Resource Scheduling

Schedule bookings and assign tasks directly on the timeline, check what employees will be working on and how their time is booked. See at a glance who’s booked and who’s available for work and make changes to your plans in real time.

Time Tracking

Accurately record time spent on projects or tasks in your browser or mobile phone. Just start the stopwatch when you're ready to work. Time entries will be saved with start and end times for accurate time reports.

Real-Time Collaboration

The application allows you and your team to chat in real time about latest task and project updates or create general discussions. Whenever a new comment is posted you can decide who receives an email notification.

Kanban Boards

The Kanban board allows you to create various workflows and move project tasks through sequential and logical steps. The people involved in the project can easily see the work progress at anytime. The boards can be customized to adapt to existent workflows.

Project Accounting

Paymo allows you to create estimates and convert them into invoices. You can manually adjust the data and share the invoice with your clients via email. Invoices are available in multiple languages and currencies and are fully customizable.

... and More

File Sharing with Unlimited Storage, Custom Access Permissions, Multilingual Interface, Google Apps Integration and RESTful API ar just a few more features and options available in Paymo. For the complete list, please check this page.

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