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Whether you’re an experienced or a novice project manager, you definitely need help to do your job and make sure your projects get done on time and on budget. To accomplish this you need to rely on your team but also on your project manager software.
If you didn’t use a dedicated software to help you manage your projects, or if you’re looking to change the one you’re using now before you proceed you have to clearly understand the benefits it has to offer.

Streamline projects workflow

A dedicated software for project managers allows you to manage the project from the very beginning until its completion. This means you have to use just one software to manage and take care of all aspects related to the project. This also translates into fewer steps and fewer bottlenecks in getting the job done and implicitly, less frustration.

Real-time collaboration

The software allows you to assign and delegate tasks to your employees and co-workers. Most of the tasks are interconnected, and sometimes several people are working on the same tasks. In order to save time, the people involved need to talk about task updates and their progress. Because everything happens in real-time, the required changes can be implemented immediately, with no delays.

Better planning and scheduling

Basic projects require basic planning and scheduling, which sometimes can be done with pen&paper or the old battered Excel. But when the project is more complex the dedicated project manager software is a must, because it can automatically calculate and adjust the schedule based on the information you provide or small changes that you operate. This way the software saves you time that you can invest in more important activities.

Birds-eye view on all activities

The project manager is a multi-tasking “machine”. He needs to keep an eye on everything that happens in a project, identify or anticipate potential problems and adjust or change the plan before it’s too late. The project management software allows the project manager to see all this in a snapshot through dedicated and easy to follow dashboards or in-app notifications and emails.

Improved client communication

Staying in touch with the client after the project has begun is a good practice. It can save you time because you keep them posted with updates, get feedback and change things as you move forward. Project manager tools allow you to give them access to the system and check the progress, or generate reports that can be shared in one click with the client.


As discussed above, the dedicated software for the project manager offers several benefits, and whether you’re looking for your first project management software or looking to change the one you’re using now, go through this list and pay close attention if the functionality it offers allows you to take advantage of all these benefits.

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