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Feb 1, 2022

Project Management Resources – The Best Articles to Get You Started

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Alexandra Cote

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February 1, 2022

Ever looked for project management resources online and got roughly 1 million results? Yeah, we’ve all been there, but they can all be sorted out.

Project management is a comprehensive field of work that often requires formal training and guiding. In general, it refers to the use of skills, knowledge, and available tools and techniques to reach the goals you’ve set together with your clients. Combined together in time, they translate into a series of related activities that guide a project’s evolution from start to finish to guarantee its success.

Common project management resources you’ll need to get started with your career include terms, tools, training opportunities, reading materials, and actionable techniques that project managers use to manage and deliver projects on time and on budget. Even time and your team’s knowledge is considered a resource that can make the difference between one service provider and another. All these build on top of each other helping you evolve in your project management career and become a top professional.

Why all this buzz around resources for managing projects? Having the right tools and employee experience in your team will make the difference when it comes to how many projects you can take at one time, how fast you can finish your duties, and how you’ll handle potential issues and risks. So, whether you have a small business or a large one, using one of these projects and task management tools goes without saying. 

project management resources


Clients also choose the best-equipped teams besides considering their past results or recommendations. For instance, a potential client is likely to pick a team with more experienced members who can certainly finish work within deadline. Similarly, they might prefer teams who regularly use communication and feedback tools to send them updates. 

Experienced professionals are likely to already have their favorite software and other tricks to use regularly on their projects. In fact, leveraging the best of the resources you’ve got at hand is a skill you’ll grow in time as you find out more about this field of work. If you’re just getting started though, the abundance of project management resources will only confuse you and keep you from directing your efforts towards real work as you’re testing multiple ways of better handling your tasks and team.

Where can you start though?

For anyone who is looking to systematically learn about this field, we’ve prepared project management articles as free resources you might use to start managing your own projects:

  1. What is Project Management? – Discover the definition and the importance of project management for the success of your work-related and personal projects.
  2. What Is a Project When Used in Project Management? – If you’ve ever asked yourself “what is a project?”, here are some clear answers for you. Find out the most common project types in project management so you can start work on them yourself.
  3. Project Management Terms for Non-Project Managers – Here’s an alphabetical list of the project management terms that anyone can understand regardless of their main role in the team.
  4. Best Project Management Training Resources – Our list of the best project management training resources and opportunities that can help start your project management career.
  5. Best Project Management Courses You Can Take – A list of project management courses from different universities and online course providers to get you started with your project management education.
  6. The Best 55 Project Management Blogs You Should Be Reading – Stop looking for the perfect blog through the many inactive ones and check out the best project management blogs you should be reading.
  7. Project Management Methods, Methodologies, and Frameworks – A Guide for Beginners – Through this guide to project management methodologies, methods, and frameworks, we asked some of the experts and creators to share their opinions.
  8. 7 Essential Project Management Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Project – Here are a couple of essential project management questions you must ask yourself to reach your goals and ensure the project’s successful development.
  9. Everything That Goes Into Building A Project Plan – If you’re writing a project plan, here are its benefits and some tips for creating one including its elements and steps you need to take.
  10. How To Create Your First Project Charter – If you’re writing your first project charter, here are its most important elements. And we’ve added some of the benefits of having a project charter too.
  11. What is PMI in Project Management? – Find out the answers to common questions like “What is PMI® in project management?”, “What does it do?”, and “Who’s it for?”.
  12. What is PMO, EPMO, PPMO, PgMO, and PSO? – Find out how choosing one over the other depends on the complexity of your organization’s projects.
  13. 4 Warning Signs to Help You Prevent Project Failure – Here are four core warning signs you should look out for to see if you’re heading towards project failure and how you can prevent this.
  14. The Best Interactive Gantt Chart Planner – For learning more about Gantt charts and their history, for example.
Alexandra Cote


Alexandra Cote is a SaaS content writer and strategist with a passion for workplace productivity, social media marketing wonders, conversion rate optimization, artificial intelligence, and keyword research. Reach out to her via LinkedIn.

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