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Jul 19, 2024

The Best 55 Project Management Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2022

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Alexandra Cote

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July 19, 2024

People are gradually becoming more interested in project management as an independent topic and as a possible career. This is why an increasing number of content and discussions around this subject are surfacing. But through this clutter, how easy is it to find the most valuable project management blog feeds out there?

Project management blogs and resources can be a primary source of knowledge, especially if project management (PM) experts contribute to them. Finding the best ones to follow can be a difficult and time-consuming task considering their growing number.

To help you save time searching for the best resources, we have thoroughly analyzed more than 300 project management blogs and resource websites. Only 55 made our final list based on the quality, frequency, and accuracy of their posts.

Here are the four top criteria we used to find the best project management blogs and resources:

  • Consistency – Although there are many great project management blogs that haven’t posted content in years, we’ve only featured the active ones to make sure you’ll stay on track with the latest changes in project management.
  • Content quality – To keep you updated with only the best content and help you avoid fake PM news or facts, we took a look at how the posts were written, who wrote them, and if the information featured was accurate.
  • Top content – Through the “Worth reading” section, we highlighted the most representative and highly shared posts from each blog to help you get a taste of the blog’s topics and style.
  • Influence – We considered Moz’s Domain Authority (DA) to predict how a website can rank on Google’s SERP. Additionally, we analyzed their Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) that shows the strength of the blog’s backlink profile. Free websites don’t have this data. We also looked at their Twitter account and followers. To help you identify relevant ones, we added their current number of followers and a link to their official accounts. This will ensure you’re following the right people and companies.

And if you’re not yet familiar with project management, don’t worry! There are plenty of blogs and websites for beginners and PM students. If you are wondering how to get into project management, here’s my guide on the project manager education you need, even if you have little to no experience in this field.

These can help you understand all about the ins and outs of the topic and get you started.

We divided the collection of project management blogs into three main categories (click on each one to go directly to it):

Without further ado, here is our list of the best project management blogs at the moment:

Individual Authors

Some project management professionals or consultants have their own individual blogs where they share their thoughts on PM best practices and news. What better way to get your dose of project management than from somebody who works with it on a daily basis?

Rebel’s Guide to Project Management

Follow Elizabeth: @rebelsguidetopm

What to expect: Elizabeth Harrin regularly updates her blog with practical tips, information for women in project management, and honest suggestions on PM best practices and tools. You’ll also find e-books, book reviews, toolkits, and training guides to help you develop your career with less stress.

Worth reading:

Free Project Management Templates

The Rebel Project Manager’s Toolkit

8 Free And Low-Cost Pm Resources


Moz DA – 37  | Ahrefs DR – 61 | Twitter followers: 16.6k

Mike Cohn’s Blog


Follow Mike: @mikewcohn

What to expect: Mike’s blog helps software development teams improve their work through Agile and Scrum. You’ll find how-to articles and actionable tips on these methodologies. These will give you the incentive and knowledge to implement Agile and Scrum in your own organization.

Worth reading:

What is Agile Project Management?

Ten Things the Beatles Taught Me About Being Agile

Three Questions to Ask when Being Micromanaged


Moz DA – 61  | Ahrefs DR – 75  | Twitter followers – 50.8K

PM Column

Follow Iryna: @pmcolumn

What to expect: Iryna Viter turned her blog into a real digital project management magazine, tackling projects from a variety of industries and employing the help of other ambitious project managers, writers, and designers.

Worth reading:

Project Managers Explain Agile to Kids

How to Start a Project Management Career with Zero Experience

How Project Management Can Benefit Finance Industries


Moz DA – 13  | Ahrefs DR – 26  | Twitter followers – 252

The Project Management Podcast

Follow Cornelius: @corneliusficht

What to expect: Cornelius Fichtner regularly updates his blog with PM-related podcasts. Currently, there are over 400 episodes that contain interviews with project managers or SMEs and tackle subjects concerning PMP exam preparation.

Worth reading:

Episode 057: Critical Chain Project Management

Episode 062: How can I become a Project Manager?

Episode 316: Project Workflow Management


Moz DA – 43  | Ahrefs DR – 59  | Twitter followers – 12.5K

Project Management for the Masses

Follow Cesar: @cesarabeid

What to expect: Cesar wants to make project management accessible to everyone. That’s why you’ll find over 100 podcasts with industry experts and other guest posts that will help new project managers develop themselves professionally.

Worth reading:

Epic Project Management: The Øresund Bridge: Episode 26

003 Getting Things Done with David Allen

019 Time Management and the Project Manager


Moz DA – 36  | Ahrefs DR – 36  | Twitter followers – 2.6K

Natalie Warnert: Confessions of a ScrumMaster

Follow Natalie: @nataliewarnert

What to expect: If you’re looking for light-hearted project management articles, take a look at Natalie humor-infused blog. To make PM less complicated, she uses funny, real-life situations and personal experiences to teach Agile and Scrum best practices.

Worth reading:

Cost Of Delay And Opportunity Cost When You Don’t Build Quality In

Ux Runway – How To Incorporate Ux With Agile/Scrum Teams

Agile Conference Proposal Submissions – Tips To Get Them Accepted


Moz DA – 26 | Ahrefs DR – 43  | Twitter followers – 2.1K

Musings On Project Management

What to expect: John Goodpasture frequently writes articles on risk management, Agile processes, and leadership. His posts are centered around a single project management topic. He explains everything in detail to make everyone understand the terms used, regardless of experience.

Worth reading:

The Risk Matrix – Yet One More Time!

Prediction – Signal And Noise

Tools For Testing


Moz DA – 25 | Ahrefs DR – 14

Developing Project Leaders


Follow Susanne: @SusanneMadsen

What to expect: Susanne Madsen’s main focus with her blog is on project leadership and traditional project management. She tackles short and long-length posts derived from her own PM work experience. She also provides insights on how you can handle problems related to limiting beliefs, build self-esteem, and overcome stress in a project environment.

Worth reading:

What makes a high performing team?

7 Steps to Building a Collaborative Plan


Moz DA – 36  | Ahrefs DR – 42  | Twitter followers – 10.5K

Project Bliss

Follow Leigh: @leighespy

What to expect: Starting from her experience in IT project management, Leigh Espy helps others discover the secrets of PM and leadership through lists, how-to articles, free templates, tips, and guides to help you grow your career whether you’re already a project manager or planning to make the move to this area.

Worth reading:

15 Easy Team Building Icebreakers for Meetings

9 Best Practices for Your Daily Scrum Meeting

This Simple Project Scope Statement Template Will Improve Your Project Success


Moz DA – 33  | Ahrefs DR – 31  | Twitter followers – 1.5k

Project Management Basics


What to expect:  There’s a huge gap between the theory of project management and practice. So searching for bits and pieces of practical information on the internet is discouraging. That’s why Dmytro Nizhebetskyi shares real-life tips and examples that come directly from his experience as a software development project manager.

Worth reading:

Project Management Tutorial: 11 Years of Experience in 45 Minutes

Project Scope Example: Scope Baseline, Project Scope Statement (Templates)

Work Breakdown Structure Examples (Software and Construction Projects)


Moz DA – 29 | Ahrefs DR – 29

The Lazy Project Manager’s Blog

Follow Peter: @thelazypm

What to expect:  Peter Taylor handles PM-related topics with a focus on improving productivity and helping you complete projects on time and on budget, ‘work smarter and not harder’, and maintain your work/life balance. He also runs a podcast series you can listen to for interviews, thoughts, and productivity guides.

Worth reading:

What did the Project Managers ever do for us?

Project Sponsors are from Venus

Mentoring the Next Generation


Moz DA – 30  | Ahrefs DR – 28 | Twitter followers – 9.1K

Eight to late

Follow Kailash: @kailashawati

What to expect: Kailash Awati presents project management from a sensemaking and data analysis perspective to help you solve complex problems. His articles use data science to show how it will influence the future of PM.

Worth reading:

Issues, Ideas and Arguments: A Communication-Centric Approach to Tackling Project Complexity

A Gentle Introduction To Monte Carlo Simulation For Project Managers

Risk Management and Organizational Anxiety


Moz DA – 41  | Ahrefs DR – 38| Twitter followers – 753

Easy in theory, difficult in practice

Follow Kiron: @kbondale

What to expect: As a self-declared believer in the pragmatic, agnostic approach to change management, Kiron Bondale enlarges on topics like risk management, project planning, managing changes in an organization, PM tools, and Agile best practices.

Worth reading:

Who is the Cassandra on YOUR project?

What do you ask when interviewing project managers?

How do we encourage organizational adoption of an agile mindset?


Moz DA – 33  | Ahrefs DR – 29 | Twitter followers – 448

Herding Cats

Follow Glen: @galleman

What to expect: Glen B. Alleman writes comprehensive articles on Agile, risk, and any other project management topic you can imagine. He also posts monthly book reviews and daily quotes to keep you inspired.

Worth reading:

The Myth of the Scrum Master and Actual Life Experiences

Principles, Processes, and Practices of Project Success

The Myth of Incremental Development


Moz DA – 44  | Ahrefs DR – 44 | Twitter followers – 3.5K

Drunken PM

Follow David: @mrsungo

What to expect: David Prior’s blog is rich in audio and video interviews with project managers and other subject matter experts. These podcasts focus on how Scrum, Agile, and Kanban can innovate project management as it shifts from its long-gone traditional methods.

Worth reading:

Agile in Supply Chain w/ Michael Tibbert and Dhaval Panchal

Student QA: Design on the Scrum Team & Multiple Roles w/ Derek Huether

Roman Pichler: Strategy and Product Ownership


Moz DA – 34  | Ahrefs DR – 28 | Twitter followers – 1.8K

The Luis Goncalves Blog


Follow Luis: @lgoncalves1979

What to expect: This blog is used as a reference in agile communities for the Agile retrospective topic. Some of the other topics to help teams achieve results and deal with change include Scrum, growth, and Lean management. You’ll also find some freebies for Scrum Masters on his blog.

Worth reading:

The Agile Retrospectives Guide That Will Make You a Fantastic Facilitator

25 Mandatory Scrum Retrospective Tools For Distributed Agile Retrospectives

Agile Retrospectives Ideas: Games For Your Next Retrospective


Moz DA – 38  | Ahrefs DR – 57  | Twitter followers – 13.1K

Gunther Verheyen’s Blog


Follow Gunther: @Ullizee

What to expect: If you’re looking for the ultimate Scrum master, meet Gunther Verheyen. All of his articles focus on Scrum and how you can use it to manage projects. You can also find a Scrum glossary that’s been translated into languages such as Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, and others. If you want even more Scrum resources, check out his YouTube channel as well.

Worth reading:

Scrum, A Simple Framework For Complex Product Delivery

Scrum Master – A Manager

There’s Value In The Scrum Values


Moz DA – 42  | Ahrefs DR – 43  | Twitter followers – 3.5K


Follow Praveen: @PMbyPM

What to expect: Praveen Malik’s eponymous blog helps global professionals to prepare for the PMI certifications like PMP, CAPM and PMI-ACP. He has written various articles that can help you to pick the best educational material to study for these certifications. Exam aspirants can contact him directly if they need any advice.

Worth reading:

Best PMP Live Training Programs

Best PMP Self-Learning Courses

Best PMP Exam Practice Tests


Moz DA – 35  | Ahrefs DR – 35  | Twitter followers – 303

Gina Abudi’s Blog

What to expect: Gina Abudi uses her experience with both small businesses and large organizations to write about projects, leadership, people, team building, professional development, and processes.

Worth reading:

Improving Communication through Building Rapport with Others

How Are You Doing as Team Leader?

Using Return on Investment to Evaluate Project Management Training


Moz DA – 35  | Ahrefs DR – 53

Finding Marbles

The blog came to a halt in 2019.

What to expect: As a Lean and Agile project management expert, Corinna Baldauf shares her knowledge to help PM professional find and fix process problems. To engage her audience, she tells real-life stories in a friendly, compelling manner.

Worth reading:

Code Retreats Are Awesome!

How We Make Decisions Without Managers And Team Leads

Story Cubes For Retrospectives


Moz DA – 33 | Ahrefs DR – 40

Project Management Software Developers

To keep an eye on the latest PM tools, try the websites of those who develop such software. In addition to product updates, they create content for project managers and teams to help them with collaboration, productivity, time tracking, resource management, and invoicing.

Paymo’s Blog


Follow us: @Paymo

What to expect: We post regular content on project management methodologies, software, time-tracking, productivity, and more. We want to help project managers and non-PMs understand each aspect of this field by providing insightful and easy-to-read articles for project initiation, execution, and delivery. Plus, a list of top comparison reviews of project management and employee time tracking software used to time clock web projects.

Worth reading:

Becoming a Project Manager – A Complete Guide

20+ Best Project Management Software for 2024

A Very Practical Guide to Start Managing Your Projects – Part I


Moz DA – 50  | Ahrefs DR – 73  | Twitter followers – 3.5K

Wrike’s Blog

Follow them: @wrike

What to expect: Wrike covers project management topics, leadership, productivity tips, marketing, collaboration, and more to fit the needs of all teams.

Worth reading

12 Awesome Team Building Games Your Team Won’t Hate

50 Productivity Tips to Boost Your Brainpower

Boss vs. Leader: The Never-Ending Battle Between Power and Leadership


Moz DA – 69  | Ahrefs DR – 81  | Twitter followers – 14.4K

ActiveCollab Blog


Follow them: @activecollab

What to expect: ActiveCollab tackles Agile, Kanban, and other digital project management topics through a series of guides and expert roundups for collaborative teams.

Worth reading:

How to Work with a Global Distributed Team

How To Become a Good Team Leader

Scope Creep – Linking Theory to Practice


Moz DA – 55  | Ahrefs DR – 75 | Twitter followers – 21.6K

The Institute of Project Management (IPM) Blog

FollowInstitute of Project Management

What to expect: IPM is globally recognized as a premier provider of project management certification, training, and education services. They have trained over 40,000 industry-ready professionals, partnered with more than 500 organizations, and certified over 6,000 Project Managers. IPM shares insights written by global experts in project management on their blogs and facilitates its members to showcase their work on IPM’s platforms.

Worth reading:

Boost Your Career with a Project Management Diploma

Crafting a Project Manager CV: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Prepare for Project Manager Interview?


Ahrefs DR – 29 | LinkedIn Followers – 20k+ | Instagram Followers – 13k+

Redbooth’s Blog

Follow them: @RedboothHQ

What to expect: The Redbooth team writes about project management, productivity, and work culture, giving you tips and telling you all about their own customers’ success stories.

Worth reading:

How Gantt Charts Give You Project Management Superpowers

Your Roadmap to Managing Projects for Clients

How to Run a Meeting That People Will Actually Like


Moz DA – 60  | Ahrefs DR – 74  | Twitter followers – 7.2K

NOTE: Speaking of Gantt charts, if you want to plan and schedule your projects on a monthly basis, check out our best Gantt chart software countdown.

The Clarizen Blog


Follow them: @clarizen

What to expect: With a focus on collaboration, this blog provides articles and guides on project management to help teams reach their goals and grow.

Worth reading:

How to Identify and Change Priorities at Work

How You Know You’re Spending Too Much Time on Excel

Five Collaboration Techniques to Improve Team Performance


Moz DA – 54 | Ahrefs DR – 70  | Twitter followers – 2.6K

The LiquidPlanner Blog

Follow them: @liquidplanner

What to expect: LiquidPlanner brings a variety of articles from expert project managers and consultants on topics like team management and collaboration, leadership, careers, productivity, and more.

Worth reading:

How to Prioritize Work When Everything Is #1

5 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment

How to Create a Personal Mission and Vision Statement for the Year


Moz DA – 57  | Ahrefs DR – 71  | Twitter followers – 11.4K

The Replicon Blog

Follow them: @replicon

What to expect: The topics the Replicon team cover go beyond the field of project and program management into AI, cloud computing, time intelligence, and other smart solutions for improving productivity and profitability.

Worth reading:

Consulting firms: 4 ways to improve billing & get paid on time

Global Time and Gross Pay: The Risks of Achieving Only 80% Compliance (1/3)

Why your projects fail: Combating project overrun with visibility


Moz DA – 56  | Ahrefs DR – 70  | Twitter followers – 1.8K

The Project Manager Blog

Follow them: @ProjectTips

What to expect: This blog covers all areas of project management through guides, templates, books, and training videos to help you become a better and more productive project leader.

Worth reading:

The Only Project Kickoff Checklist You’ll Ever Need

How to Write a Business Case

How to Prioritize With Personal Kanban


Moz DA – 58  | Ahrefs DR – 76  | Twitter followers – 46.5K

Planio Blog

Follow them: @planio

What to expect: Planio writers handle topics like project management, productivity, remote work, and entrepreneurship along with case studies and product updates.

Worth reading:

The Ultimate Guide to Implementing Agile Project Management (and Scrum)

10 Ways to Be Productive When Working from Home

5 Steps to Planning and Running Fast, Efficient Meetings


Moz DA – 55  | Ahrefs DR – 72  | Twitter followers –  2.4K

The Nutcache Blog

Follow them: @nutcache

What to expect: This blog can help Agile teams improve their workflow through Scrum, collaboration, project management methods, and time monitoring articles.

Worth reading:

5 Secret Tactics That Will Boost the Outcome of Your Sprint Planning Meeting

What is Scrum? Methodology and Project Management

Introduction to Project Management Organizational Structure


Moz DA – 50  | Ahrefs DR – 64  | Twitter followers –  968

Workzone Blog


Follow them: @workzone

What to expect: Workzone covers a wide range of subjects related to project management implementation including business and productivity to help all types of teams meet their objectives.

Worth reading:

The Top Business Trends To Look Out For

Working Away From The Office? 29 Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Tips

Top Project Management Best Practices From 29 Agency Leaders and Project Managers


Moz DA – 47  | Ahrefs DR – 70 | Twitter followers – 1.4K

The Celoxis Blog

Follow them: @celoxis

What to expect: The Celoxis blog is another source for people who are interested in project management processes and portfolios. It gives tried and tested solutions to help teams handle their resources and time. It’s great for procrastinators and it has many articles on how to improve their productivity level.

Worth reading:

How to Manage Multiple Projects with PM Tools

5 Tips for Effective Project Status Reports


Moz DA – 43  | Ahrefs DR – 54  | Twitter followers – 20.8K

actiTIME blog

Follow them: @actiTIME_team

What to expect: The actiTIME blog’s main focus is on productivity. This is paired with other topics like project management, human resources, and time tracking to show teams and individuals how they can make the most of their work.

Worth reading:

Technology and Decision-Making: A Complex Relationship

Understanding Project Costs in a Simple Way

How We Make Decisions


Moz DA – 47  | Ahrefs DR – 62  | Twitter followers – 3.5K

BrightWork’s Blog


Follow them: @brightwork_

What to expect: BrightWork gathers together experts to teach you all about using teamwork, leadership, software, communication, and emotional intelligence for project management.

Worth reading:

How to Build Your Personal Leadership Brand in 5 Steps

3 Communication Skills for Project Managers to Master using TED Talks

Seven Communication Secrets of Great Leaders


Moz DA – 45  | Ahrefs DR – 45  | Twitter followers – 1.5K

The Workfront Blog

Follow them: @Workfront

What to expect: Workfront brings you the latest project management news and articles on productivity, the future of workforce, processes, leadership, and more.

Worth reading:

How To Write A Business Case ― 4 Steps To A Perfect Business Case Template

Why Change Initiatives In The Workplace Fail

How To Be A Better Project Manager: 81 Tips From PM Experts


Moz DA – 64  | Ahrefs DR – 77  | Twitter followers – [private]

Businessmap blog

Follow them: @businessmapHQ

What to expect: The Businessmap blog is packed with articles, expert interviews, use cases, podcasts, and videos on lean management, productivity, and Kanban in particular.

Worth reading:

Initiative vs. Project: Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Approach Strategic Planning?

Kanban Project Management: How to Use and Implement It?


Moz DA — 55 | Ahrefs DR — 74 | Twitter followers — 1.8K

Scoro’s Blog

Follow them: @scorosoftware

What to expect: The Scoro blog helps teams improve their project management workflow in smarter ways through practical guides, case studies, and infographics.

Worth reading:

The Complete Guide to Winning Project Management Sprints

40 Productivity Tips Used by High-Achievers

18 Best Infographics for Improving Your Productivity


Moz DA – 50  | Ahrefs DR – 71  | Twitter followers – 9K

Atlassian Blog

Follow them: @atlassian

What to expect: Atlassian aims to inspire Agile teams (especially IT, Marketing, and HR ones) to work better through increased collaboration, service management, and productivity.

Worth reading:

15 Hot Takes On The Future Of Agile

Working With Introverts (Written By An Actual Introvert)

How Do Emotions Affect Productivity? [New Research]


Moz DA – 90  | Ahrefs DR – 92  | Twitter followers – 96.3K

PM Training, Consulting Companies, and Universities

Project management consultancy and professional training companies often create content to help their clients or students stay updated on project management methodologies and best practices. They are great places where you can find resources, guides, and PMP exam training materials to help you further develop your career regardless of your experience.

Agile Alliance


Follow them: @AgileAlliance

What to expect: Looking for more than just Agile resources? This community provides the latest news, articles, and opinions on business, community, frameworks, mindsets, people, technology, and more.

Worth reading:

How Agile Methodologies will Transform the Place you Work

How to Increase Velocity

Create Personas with the Help of the Engineers


Moz DA – 60  | Ahrefs DR – 73  | Twitter followers – 36.8K

Capterra’s Blog

Follow them: @capterra

What to expect: Capterra provides software comparisons, reviews, and lists of tools that will help you pick the perfect business solution for your team and organization.

Worth reading:

20 Surprising Project Management Statistics

Crafting Your Change Management Plan: A Beginner’s Guide

5 Reasons Time Tracking Is the Secret to Work From Home Productivity


Moz DA – 74  | Ahrefs DR – 90  | Twitter followers – 17.3K

Follow them: @Scrumdotorg

What to expect: is one of the official sources where you can go if you want the latest news on Scrum and its development. The blog provides guides, glossaries, webcasts, and videos to help you stay on track with the changes.

Worth reading:

Twenty Top Fails in Executive Agile Leadership

Why – How – What: From Product Vision to Task

Why Scrum Teams Need to Learn


Moz DA – 65  | Ahrefs DR – 82  | Twitter followers – 47.1K

The Association for Project Management – APM Blog

Follow them: @APMProjectMgmt

What to expect: If you’re looking for shorter content, try the APM blog where project management experts share their thoughts. The best part is that you can filter the content according to your level of expertise, topic, and content type.

Worth reading:

Six Steps To Project Success

The 10 Golden Rules Of Planning

The Basics Of An Effective Project Plan


Moz DA – 53  | Ahrefs DR – 74  | Twitter followers – 28.8K Blogs

What to expect: You can contribute to this community by creating your own blog and joining other PM experts like Cornelius Fichtner, Elizabeth Harrin, Ramiro Rodrigues, Dan Goldfischer, Richard Maltzman, Henry Hattenrath, Laura Barnard, and many more.

Worth reading:

Focus Driven Change: Change Management Lessons from Ordinary Life

Yesterday, Scrum was such an easy game to play

Communicating in Conflict

The IIL Blog


Follow them: @IILGlobal

What to expect: IIL’s blog brings you a series of articles, templates, white papers, and guides treating leadership, technology, project management in general, and methodologies like Agile and Lean Six Sigma.

Worth reading:

Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

The Disciplined Agile Mindset

Innovation Project Management


Moz DA – 47  | Ahrefs DR – 58  | Twitter followers – 10.2K

The Digital Project Manager


Follow them: @thedigitalpm

What to expect: Focused on digital project management, The Digital Project Manager (DPM) has how-to guides, articles on project management and software, best practices, hacks for productivity, podcasts, and other resources to get you started with PM in a digital world. They also offer membership, which includes access to a community of project managers, as well as ongoing workshops and mentorship. Their DPM School is a digital project management course offering lessons on the entire project lifecycle for project managers in the digital space.

Worth reading:

How To Estimate Projects: The Complete Guide To Project Budget & Cost Estimation

10 Tips For Project Success: Stay Positive

How To Run A Great Client Project Kickoff Meeting


Moz DA – 51  | Ahrefs DR – 73  | Twitter followers – 5K

Project Smart

Follow them: @ProjectSmart

What to expect: Read what PM experts like David Litten and Duncan Haughey have to say through white papers, guides, and a forum to give voice to your own ideas and opinions.

Worth reading:

The 5 Biggest Mistakes New Project Managers Make

Project Planning A Step By Step Guide

The Role Of The Project Manager


Moz DA – 58  | Ahrefs DR – 73  | Twitter followers – 10.2K


Follow them: @prince2blog

What to expect: The blog provides insightful hints, tips, and guides to help you apply this commonly used methodology (PRINCE2) for your own projects.

Worth reading:

PRINCE2’s Positive Risks

3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid with PRINCE2

25 PRINCE2® Implementation Tips


Moz DA – 45  | Ahrefs DR – 70  | Twitter followers – 6.3K

The agile42 Blog


Follow them: @agile42

What to expect: The blog helps teams and enterprises mix Agile with Kanban and Scrum through insights, tips, coach interviews, and training.

Worth reading:

How Agile Transformation Makes the Workplace Better

Design Sprint: The Innovative Method from Google

Retrospectives that Rock


Moz DA – 46  | Ahrefs DR – 59  | Twitter followers – 7.7k


Follow them: @pmstudent

What to expect: Created for students, hence its name, it contains basic articles written by industry experts for project management beginners to get a clearer look at this field.

Worth reading:

Managing in a virtual world: How PMs can effectively manage remote teams

This Holiday Season: Have MORE Peace and LESS Stress

Difficult Negotiation? Check Yourself!


Moz DA – 38  | Ahrefs DR – 37  | Twitter followers – 4.5k

Green Project Management

Follow them: @GPMCertified

What to expect: Looking to go green with your projects? GPM’s main focus is on sustainability and the PERT methodology. All articles will teach you how to make the right decisions when it comes to placing your project in the right environment and protecting nature and living beings around it.

Worth reading:

The necessity for Project Management skills: The transition to freelance and project work

Are Projects Material to Non-Financial Reporting?

The Importance of Mentorship


Moz DA – 32  | Ahrefs DR – 50  | Twitter followers – 4.7K

Follow them: @ProjectMgr_au

What to expect: Find out what PM experts like Lynda Bourne, Michelle LaBrosse, or Andrew Wayland have to say about the latest news from project management. They will also educate you on how to take projects through each step of PM development from the first meeting with your client to closing all contracts.

Worth reading:

7 Critical Skills For Project Managers

The Value In Social Networking For Project Managers

Top 10 Characteristics Of A Great Project Manager


Moz DA – 33  | Ahrefs DR – 35  | Twitter followers – 4.1K

DZone Agile

What to expect: If you want a bit more than just Agile news, DZone offers you all the latest news and guides from the world of technology including Big Data, Security, Web Development, AI, IoT, and more.

Worth reading:

How to Encourage Feedback Learning at Work

4 Ways to Coach Your Software Team for Success


Moz DA – 83  | Ahrefs DR – 85

G2 Learning Hub

Follow them: @G2Crowd

What to expect: G2 Crowd is a B2B software review platform and listing website with over 382,000 verified user reviews to help make the software buying process easier and more transparent.

Worth reading:

13 Project Management Methodologies and When You Should Use Them

What Is Business Forecasting? Predictions to Drive Success

9 Common Sales Pipeline Mistakes Brands Must Avoid


Moz DA – 82  | Ahrefs DR – 90  | Twitter followers – 32.4K

SoftwareHut Blog

What to expect: Specialized articles on software development in the business structure and how to remotely manage projects with a team.

Worth reading:

The Role of Project Manager in Software Development Company

All You Need to Know About Business Analysis in Software Development, Explained

Loose Ends: Things to Address When Leading a Software Development Team


Moz DA – 37 | Ahrefs DR – 48

If you know any other project management blogs, send us a line and we’ll check them out as soon as possible.

Liked this article? Bookmark it and share it with other project management professionals or students to help them grow. Also, come back to this article from time to time to check the latest updates on the blogs.

First published on April 2, 2018.

Alexandra Cote


Alexandra Cote is a SaaS content writer and strategist with a passion for workplace productivity, social media marketing wonders, conversion rate optimization, artificial intelligence, and keyword research. Reach out to her via LinkedIn.

Alexandra Martin


Drawing from a background in cognitive linguistics and armed with 10+ years of content writing experience, Alexandra Martin combines her expertise with a newfound interest in productivity and project management. In her spare time, she dabbles in all things creative.

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What is and How to Create a Project Management Plan

Author: Alexandra Cote

Alexandra Cote

July 19, 2024

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4 Ways to Accelerate Productivity with Project Management Software

Author: Michael Sumastre

Michael Sumastre

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