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May 18, 2023

The Kanban Method – How to Better Organize and Track Your Work

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Laurențiu Bancu

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May 18, 2023


The Kanban method is used in project management to visualize the overall workflow and impose work in progress limits for better work optimization. This is achieved through a board where tasks (represented through cards) move from left to right into different stages (columns) of a project. Kanban’s primary purpose is to foster continuous, incremental and evolutionary change with minimal resistance as possible.


While the method originated in the manufacturing industry, in recent years, IT teams have been commonly using this method to schedule and monitor their work. Gradually, other industries such as web design, law, or digital marketing have been picking it up and adding this system to their daily project management routine.

One common reason why it’s one of the most popular methods is due to its visual impact. Kanban has thus been implemented in full-fledged project management and task management software– and more recently, in quoting and invoicing software.

Truthfully, anyone can implement the Kanban method into how they manage their work. To get you started, have a look at the following resources:

  1. 20+ Best Free & Paid Kanban Software of 2023 – A review of 20+ Kanban software tools which help with your task management and workflow.
  2. What is Kanban? – Learn more about this project management tool that allows you to get a more visual overview of the tasks that either need to get done or are complete.
  3. What Are Kanban Boards and Rules to Use Them – How does a Kanban board help you manage projects? Why is it so efficient to use Kanban boards? Find all the rules in this complete guide.
  4. 12 Kanban Board Examples for Beginners – Here’s a list of relevant Kanban board examples you might use according to purpose, team, and industry.
Laurențiu Bancu


Laurențiu started his marketing journey over 18 years ago and now leads a marketing team. He has extensive experience in work and project management, and content strategy. When not working, he’s probably playing board games or binge-watching mini-series.

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