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How many times have you left a meeting feeling like it was a complete waste of time?

Something that should have been an email slowly, but surely turns into a fiasco. No wonder you’ve started to dread them.

The reality though is that most managers stumble into management. They’re learning as they go. From how to have difficult conversations all the way to how to have effective meetings; meetings that are productive, organized and move beyond a simple status update.

Look no further than Soapbox, a shared agenda tool to run effective one-on-one and team meetings. With SoapBox, you’ll be able to:

  • Plug in ready-available agenda templates, designed by best-in-class managers for different purposes like a daily SCRUM stand up or weekly one-on-one meeting.
  • Integrate with the tools you’re already using, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Suite, and more to get the most out of every meeting without disrupting your team’s flow.
  • Easily send meeting minutes to the whole team. Meetings are more productive when all of your decisions are documented and accessible in one place. 
  • Continuously get feedback from your team on how effective your meetings are, with a quick and anonymous post-meeting survey.
  • Analyze conversations to better understand what topics you’re discussing the most and least, and access knowledge and resources that will help you have more meaningful one-on-ones and team meetings.  

As part of our Marketplace, Soapbox is offering a 15% discount off for the first 12 months on all paid tiers to all our paying customers. Make sure to check the full promotional terms and how to get the offer first. 

We hope this will help you organize your team more effectively in 2020, go smash it!

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