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As promised, we’re back with some exciting updates for resource scheduling. Most organizations still rely on a suite of tools to plan projects, schedule, track time and build reports. This fragmented process makes project managers and planners struggle by juggling different tools that usually don’t integrate well with each other.

With the introduction of Smart Scheduling, we’re hoping to make this process smoother by suggesting bookings automatically based on previously entered data. Paymo will create ghost bookings for all your assigned tasks with start and due dates. Managers will simply have to convert them to real bookings and make adjustments when needed. When creating bookings for tasks with time budgets, the system will show you how much time was estimated and how much is still available for booking.

The scheduler has now support for employee leaves and company leaves. You can view all leaves on your timeline and easily add leave days to any employee directly on the scheduler. Define custom leave types with notes attached. Leave days and types can be defined under a new section in “Company Settings” called H.R. Settings.

Other Updates

  • The web timer now runs on the backend. You’ll no longer lose your timer when closing a browser window by accident.
  • The Paymo integration is now available on the GSuite Marketplace. If you’re a GSuite (Google Apps) user we recommend installing it.
  • Project & Task time budget alerts. You can now define a threshold that will trigger an alert when the tracked time for a project or a task reaches the threshold.
  • Import time from bookings. Adding time based on bookings is now extremely easy. Head to “Add Bulk Time” and click on the “Import from bookings” link.  This will pull all your booked time directly in the timesheet (you can make adjustments where needed).

Coming soon – Scheduler filters, project budgets & available time for bookings.

If you are a small business looking for automatic online resource distribution, check this list of simple resource management software.

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