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Are you facing the task of finding the perfect invoice template to use for your business?

We have carefully analyzed, chosen, and created the largest selection of free online sources for both printable and online invoice templates. You can use these to make your work easier and even stand out from the competition.

But first, what’s the purpose of an invoice?

A typical invoice is a commercial instrument used to identify a relationship between a seller and a buyer. Its function though goes beyond this straightforward definition. In fact, a well-designed and detailed one can be representative of your brand and what your company stands for.

The days when you had to do all the paperwork for issuing invoices are gone. Today you can look for an invoice template on the Internet and get it in a matter of minutes. The advantage of using online sources to download them is that you can filter the searches according to your own needs. Likewise, you can even personalize the chosen templates so that they fit your client’s requirements.

Without further ado, here’s a complete list of free invoice templates resources:

  1. InvoiceBerry – limits your invoice creation process to just 60 seconds
  2. – hundreds of simple printable invoice templates
  3. – PDF, Word, or Excel invoice formats
  4. Brother’s Creative Center – complete marketing and business resources
  5. Invoice Template Hub – a perfect resource for beginners
  6. Template Docs – share your own invoice templates
  7. Template Trove – find templates for CorelDRAW and InDesign
  8. Vertex42 – discover a diversity of financial templates
  9. Pinterest – beautiful visual resources from all websites
  10. Dribbble and Behance – designer communities for creative invoices

1. InvoiceBerry

Although with the free subscriptions you are limited to downloading only 2 invoice templates, InvoiceBerry is the perfect template provider for freelancers and small businesses. If you think about it, 2 templates might be enough if your business is not too large. With just the free plan you get unlimited access to their templates and you can also customize them to fit your demands.

Invoice Berry

This website aims to simplify the invoice creation process and limit it to 60 seconds so that you save time for your other business-related activities. In addition, InvoiceBerry can track your expenses and payments, send invoices, and manage your clients. By removing paperwork and advanced interfaces, this resource is practical for anyone who’s a beginner when it comes to financing and business management.


If you’re looking for simple printable invoice templates, this website offers hundreds of them. Simple but comprehensive resource websites like this one can put an end to your entire accounting department’s rush for documents and speed up your payment processes.

You can also use other finance-related templates such as inventory forms, expense reports, billing documents, credit memos, and many more. The only downside is that you can’t change their format unless you pay $7.00 for the customizable versions. You might as well want to look at other template sources if you’re searching for a much more modern template.

Printable Invoice Templates


This is another great source for endless invoice template samples that you can download for free in a PDF, Word, or Excel format. All templates are tailored to specific industries and financial needs and you can also customize them to your liking . Some of the given options are freelance writer invoice template, construction invoice template, hourly invoice template, professional services invoice template, and timesheet invoice template among others.

Invoice templates

4. Brother’s Creative Center

Who would have thought that Brother will offer more than printers? Take a look at their selection of unique invoice templates with colorful backgrounds and graphics. Choose from a series of industries or go for the general invoice templates.

The plus is that the Creative Center also suggests other marketing and business materials that match the theme of your chosen invoice so that you don’t have to search for these in other places. In short, you’ll find all the needed materials, be they financial or not, in one single place.

Brother Creative Center

5. Invoice Template Hub

This website provides a series of simple yet easy-to-use free of charge invoice templates organized according to purpose. Their target audience is represented by business people who might not have the needed time to create their own template. To print these invoices you should be using Microsoft Office 2007 or a newer version so that their format will display correctly. Additionally, you’ll find templates for credit memos and work orders. This resource is perfect for beginners who might not know where to look for an invoice template.

Invoice Template Hub

6. Template Docs

Want to stay away from complicated templates? With this resource, you’ll find free simple invoice templates to get the job done for you without all the clutter. If you lead the type of business that cares more about results rather than processes, easy-to-read templates will work for you. You’ll remove the distractions of the invoicing activity and move them toward the actual purpose of that invoice.

You can also go one step further. If you have an invoice template you’d like to share, Template Docs allows you to contribute to their website and showcase your content with an option to promote your product or service along with the template.

Template Docs

7. Template Trove

Template Trove lets you download free templates for CorelDRAW and InDesign as well. In this way, despite them providing very simple templates, you’ll be able to edit them according to your exact preferences by starting from the basic structure that includes fields such as company information, date, customer ID, invoice number, service or product details, terms, fees, etc.

This, though, is not the resource for you if you’d like complex designs or a template creation tool on the website to support your design tasks. Editing these templates involves already having another software to complete the personalization process.

Template Trove

8. Vertex42

Search for your preferred type of invoice template to find inspiration for your invoices or download the models they supply. Vertex42 provides more than financial templates. You can also discover templates for project management, Gantt Charts, calendars, calculators, timesheets, schedules, resumes, and more similar resources that can boost your business.

TIP: Templates only go so far. For a cloud-based project tracking tool for teams, we’ve compiled a list of the best Gantt software.

The drawback of choosing this website as your main invoice-related template source is that they don’t give you too many options. Most often, you’ll get only one model for each type of invoice. In this sense, it might be a great resource if you’re indecisive or if you don’t know what distinguishes your brand yet.


9. Pinterest

Pinterest is known as a website designed to help you discover content. It’s a common source for any visual resources that you may need for your work or even for personal purposes. The best part is that you don’t necessarily need to spend hours searching the Internet for the perfect invoice template. Pinterest already does that for you.

Keep in mind that most Pinterest posts come from external sources. This means that you’re not really taking the template from Pinterest but from another website. As a result, you must always check for that specific website’s usage rights before sending an invoice template to your clients.


Pinterest can also help you if you’re looking for a distinct type of template by giving you suggestions. Therefore, you’ll be able to choose from thousands of invoice templates that are downloadable, printable, simple, for freelancers, for creatives, for Excel users, or many more.

10. Dribbble and Behance

Looking for beautiful or artsy invoice templates? Graphic designer networks are just the place for you. Created as communities for showcasing the work of art professionals, they can provide the most colorful, complex, and inspiring invoice templates. Invoice templates don’t have to be boring. You can use these if you have an innovative and original business or to impress your buyers with your uniqueness.


Don’t forget: Make sure to ask for the permission of the template’s creator before using it commercially.

Other places to look around

You must know that there are also other alternatives that can add an extra touch of professionalism to your business. While they offer more functionalities and make it easier for you to manage your invoicing, they might require a paid subscription.

Here are the top 3 advanced solutions we’ve found for you:

1. Project management software

Free templates are useful for occasional usage, but advanced users could want a complete end-to-end project management platform. These can put an end to the struggle of managing multiple projects and clients. Conveniently, this complete experience will eliminate the need of switching between different apps. Some of these include Paymo, Scoro, or Teamwork Projects.

Most of the templates these tools provide are customizable and, most importantly, all of the employees that have access to them can see and use them whenever they want to. What is more, most similar platforms come with full invoicing functionalities. This means that you can use them to generate, send, and monitor all of your invoices and estimates from one single place. For the best invoicing tools out there, read our latest article on the top invoicing software for small businesses.


TIP: If you’re billing by the hour, task and time tracking come before scheduling invoicing. Consider employee time tracking software with a time clock to keep track of all your timesheets in an organized manner.


An invoice in Paymo. You can sign up for a free trial here and start creating invoices right away.

2. Envato Elements

Sometimes you’ll come across the best invoice templates on the most unexpected websites. Envato Elements is commonly known for providing professional templates for web and graphics. You would not expect to find a template related to finance and invoicing there; and yet, you can. Chances are that you’ll find an invoicing template on any website that offers general templates regardless of its main field of interest. If you want to do more, you can also get icons and other graphics to pair with your original template. To download them, you need to get a monthly or annual subscription to Envato Elements.

Take a look at their licensing terms before you proceed to use them commercially.

Envato Elements

3. Etsy

Etsy is an e-commerce website where designers and craftsmen sell handmade or vintage supplies. Although it’s an uncommon place for you to find an invoice template, it’s actually very rich in polished templates that you can download right after your payment is confirmed. If you’re a small business and want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition, not finding an invoice template to your liking on Etsy is impossible.

Pay attention to the seller’s description to see how to what extent is the template editable before assuming you’ll be able to customize it. The disadvantage of buying a template from Etsy is that despite paying for them you still don’t get a unique template. Other people can buy the same template you did and use it for their businesses as well.


Remember: Buying an invoice template doesn’t mean you own it. As a result, you are not allowed to sell those templates to someone else or claim that you have created them.

A professional branded invoice with no errors can set you apart from your competition. It highlights the value that you offer to your clients and it establishes trust between you and your buyer.

With all of the sources we’ve shared, we believe you’ll be able to successfully use at least one invoice template in your business relationships. If you feel like a tool or a resource is not working for you, you can always try another one for better results. Test the free invoice template sources given above and tell us how you make them work for you.

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