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Jan Lukacs

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We’ve launched a new feature to improve the way you organize your work, it’s called Project Workflows. With workflows, you can create a set of task statuses that you can apply to any project.

What are workflows?

Workflows are a series of task statuses (for a Kanban Board) that produce an outcome. In the context of project management, a workflow is defined more narrowly as the movement of tasks through a sequence of actions that are related to a process.

Paymo provides a Default Workflow (To Do, In Progress, Complete). However, you can set up custom workflows by heading to Company Settings > Workflows > Add New Workflow. Any time you set up a new project you will be prompted to select your workflow without having to re-create it for every project (existing projects have been automatically migrated to the new Workflows feature, any projects that were using custom columns have been set up as workflows).

We’ve also launched the following improvements

Kanban Workflow
  • the Backlog can be reordered via drag & drop
  • you can display a preview of your attached files (JPG & PNG) directly on the card with the new cover feature (cover images can be shown or hidden via settings)
  • each column is color-coded, and these can be edited in the Workflows settings
  • task list names are shown on cards (they can be hidden via settings)
  • all board statuses are displayed in Tasks > Simple View
  • the Complete column shows the most recently completed tasks on top
  • the Company Settings section of the app has also been redesigned with better navigation

The addition of Workflows opens up new possibilities to display your todos, a feature that we’ll be exploring in future updates.

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