Visual Kanban Boards, Major Ui Improvements and New Desktop Widgets

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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just released a new feature that allows you to create visual Kanban boards, major online app interface improvements, along with new desktop widgets for Windows and MAC OS X.

Kanban boards allow you to organize tasks in columns of “cards” and easily move them around.

Project managers can use progress Kanban boards to prioritize team tasks and create specific and sequential workflow states like “Backlog” > “To do” > “In progress” > “Done”.

To access the Kanban boards go to “Project” > “Tasks” > and in the top right corner switch to Progress Board.

visual Kanban boards

We’ve made several interface changes to improve the overall experience with the app.

Paymoapp interface

The web timer can be docked or you can run it detached and minimized.

Paymoapp Web timer

The full task details view has been completely redesigned.

Task details

If you prefer to track work time using the desktop widgets you can download the new versions for Windows or MAC OS X which are now out of beta.

Paymo Desktop widgets

We hope you’re going to appreciate these changes, and feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Great new additions! Keep up the great work!



I’m excited about the Kanban Task Management feature; it is a great step in the right direction. For now I won’t be able to use it as I would still like an at-a-glance view post-completion of how much time in a project is spent on large categories of work, like travel and meetings. I will be able to use this feature once there is a way to track individual tasks against broad categories.


Yavor Trampov

Great additions, team!
Personally, I see Paymo as a tool for smaller creative teams. The thing is – these teams seldomly work on one project only. Rather than that, they combine different project from multiple clients. I would love to see the Kanhan board implemented at a system level (i.e. allowing combining tasks from different projects). This would make the tool really useful for weekly planning. Yes, it is not 100% what the Kanban methodology suggests – but if you want to stick with the “canonical” method of using Kanban you can still just use the boards at a project level.



Great updates thanks dev team =)
I have two more feature requests:
1) the ability to make one client a sub-client of another client would be very helpful indeed for us.
2) please add some kind of submit/approve time-sheet function or lock the timesheets when that week is invoiced or something similar.
Thanks – keep up the great work =)



Yes the web timer can be detached, but there is no advantage in that detached state over remaining docked: the detached web timer is forced to remain within the limits of the browser’s window – therefore opening any other application hides it. Even opening a different tab than Paymo’s hides the timer (at least in Chrome). Make the timer able to detach and stay outside of the web browser’s window and it will instantly become very useful. As is, there is no difference with the docked timer.
That being said Paymo works great.


Luc / Sharing Science




The new Kanban feature is awesome. The one thing that would make it perfect for us, allowing us to get off of Trello, would be to allow our clients access certain boards/tasks as well. Right now we use Trello as a project management tool between us and our clients, allowing them to comment and attach documentation as the project moves on. If these boards opened that up, it would be a complete solution for our team.



According to my Windows client app 4.0.18 there is no update and I’m already using the latest version. I downloaded a new version and noticed big differences. So there wàs an update! I hope the new version is better in alerting on updates.



Love the new updates! Is there a way for us to vote on these feature requests?


Jan Lukacs

Jan Lukacs

Thanks Shannon! We don’t have a voting system in place, but you can write us directly and let us know what you would like to see in Paymo. We pay close attention to all requests.


Yann Loosli

Great tool ! I wish we could use it at the My Tasks level.
That’s the biggest problem we have implementing Paymo in our company unfortunately. I get lost my my daily planning. Dates are nice but if I can’t sort tasks manually I get lost.
This morning do I call a customer before working on this newsletter from the other project or do I invest one hour in some admin tasks ? With a board we could have a little “GTD style” view of our tasks and that would change everything. Is it planned ?


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