Visual Kanban Boards, Major Ui Improvements and New Desktop Widgets

Laurentiu Bancu

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Laurentiu Bancu

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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just released a new feature that allows you to create visual Kanban boards, major online app interface improvements, along with new desktop widgets for Windows and MAC OS X.

Kanban boards allow you to organize tasks in columns of “cards” and easily move them around.

Project managers can use progress Kanban boards to prioritize team tasks and create specific and sequential workflow states like “Backlog” > “To do” > “In progress” > “Done”.

To access the Kanban boards go to “Project” > “Tasks” > and in the top right corner switch to Progress Board.

visual Kanban boards

We’ve made several interface changes to improve the overall experience with the app.

Paymoapp interface

The web timer can be docked or you can run it detached and minimized.

Paymoapp Web timer

The full task details view has been completely redesigned.

Task details

If you prefer to track work time using the desktop widgets you can download the new versions for Windows or MAC OS X which are now out of beta.

Paymo Desktop widgets

We hope you’re going to appreciate these changes!

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