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Multitasking can feel like a superpower to get things done. Just reply to a client’s email, approve a set of documents, and create a short piece of content within an hour, to see how adrenaline starts to kick in.

Nothing wrong with it. In fact, multitasking has become a prerequisite skill on the current job market, as companies expect candidates to juggle between multiple projects, clients, and accounts all at once. The question is, how much more productive can you get while doing it?

… not too much. On the contrary, researchers have found out that switching tasks can reduce productivity as much as 40%. To blame are the small mental blocks caused by answering an unexpected call or receiving a package that actually glitch your brain.

To solve this problem we’ve partnered up with Shift.

What is Shift

Shift is a desktop email client for Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365 that combines all your email accounts, apps, and tools used in your professional and personal life into one interface. This makes it easier to move between apps, without wasting time when switching tabs and logging in and out of a web browser.

Among its most notable features, you can:

  • Manage multiple accounts – Switch between multiple Mail, Calendar, and Drive accounts with just one click and forget about browser tabs.
  • Use the Unified Search – Search for any relevant info across all your Mail, Calendar, and Drive accounts.
  • Add your favorite tools – Enjoy easy access to Google services and integrate with 500+ applications without the hassle of logging in and out of them on a browser.
  • Plug-in a Chrome extension – Spell check your texts through Grammarly, schedule emails via Boomerang, or secure your passwords with LastPass, to name a few.

The result? 2.06 hours saved each week, according to their community of productivity enthusiasts.

Let’s see how this plays out when we add Paymo to the equation.

Paymo + Shift

By integrating Paymo with your other Mail, Calendar, and Drive accounts in a single space, you’ll boost your productivity in no time.

google services

Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive in Shift

Engage in email conversations, check up any upcoming calendar events, and organize documents in Google Drive – all while you’re managing your ongoing tasks in Paymo.

paymo within shift

Paymo in Shift

You can even add Slack to your virtual board together with the channels that directly concern you, leaving the general and joke related ones out. Pair this up with Paymo’s notifications, and you’ve got yourself a solid productivity combo.

NOTE: To plug-in any app, you need to go for Shift’s Advanced pricing plan, which costs $ 99.99 USD/year.
slack integration

Slack channel in Shift

Psst! We’re going to launch a native Slack integration soon, so stay tuned 😉 

Switch more easily between apps and learn more about how to configure this integration on our help page.

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