Why choose Paymo as a Time Doctor alternative

Are you tiered of using 3-4 apps to manage your business and keep track of your teams time? Paymo is a cost effective online app that streamlines project management, time tracking and invoicing in the same app.

Time Tracking

The Paymo App allows our small business to focus on our business — not our paperwork. Tracking our time, creating estimates and invoices is made simple using this App. We use it every day. Danielle Bushore, Nine Sixteen Creative INC

Demand more from your time tracking app

Packed with the features you need

Paymo keeps track of everything in a project life cycle. From setting up tasks and assigning them to your team, to tracking time and getting paid.

Improve profitability

Create estimates, turn timesheet data into invoices, track expenses. Accept payments online quickly and improve your bottom line.

Affordable and easy to setup

Why pay for several apps when you can get all the work done in a single app? Get your business up and running in the cloud for $8.95/user/month!

Thousands of SMBs and Agencies use Paymo daily

Paymo has worked wonders for Vaer Consulting. It enables the team to keep track of every task no matter what your location. Perfect for a digital marketer to complete work out of the office. Tara Pamela Ryan, VAER Consulting

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