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When starting to work with a new client, the first interaction sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. You want to be conversational, in a pleasant way, yet thorough in order to capture all the project essentials from the get-go.

Leave a long-lasting impression with our new Typeform integration.

Why Typeform + Paymo

Typeform is an online form builder that allows you to engage your audience through customizable forms that require zero coding. Collect responses in style and much faster, whether that’s feedback from a client, a satisfaction survey, or a list of requirements.

Other features include:

  • Writing suggestions – Start typing, like in a notepad. Typeform will anticipate questions as you type them in, so you can build a form faster.
  • Ready-made templates – For remote working, lead generation, questionnaires, polls, even quizzes, to be further embedded in your website and do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Personalized user flows – Use hidden fields to greet people, build different question paths with logical jumps, and get paid directly via payment forms.
  • Native automations – Whether it’s segmenting people with the help of a CRM like HubSpot or using a Google Tag Manager code snippet for site analytics, Typeform works with the tools that you already use to automate the data collection process.

How does it work

The new integration allows you to add projects, tasks, and files in Paymo when someone submits a form. Perfect for when you need clients to contribute without resorting to calls or emails.


The integration only supports the sync of three form elements:

  • Short Text Entry →  Project Name or Task Name
  • Long Text Entry → Project Description or Task Description
  • File Upload → Project Files or Task Files

This doesn’t mean you can’t add other elements, but only these three will get synced into Paymo.

NOTE: Typeform comes with a Free plan that includes 3 forms and 100 responses/month. File uploads in Typeform are only available on their paid plans.



As part of our Deals & Discounts Marketplace, Typeform is also offering a 30% discount on all their yearly paid plans to all our paid users. Make sure you read the full terms on how to get it.

So be sure to make great use of it and customize your forms to better reflect your brand and capture project essentials in a conversational, yet accurate way.

Read more on how to configure this integration on our help page.

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