Laurentiu Bancu
Laurentiu Bancu

Special offer for web and creative agencies

UPDATE: This offer has expired.

We’ve partnered with ViewFlux to offer a great deal to creative teams: when you subscribe to Paymo, you receive a free lifetime subscription to ViewFlux (a $700 yearly value)!

About ViewFlux

ViewFlux is a tool for web and creative agencies who want to manage their design projects with ease. You can share your work, make presentations and interactive prototypes, gather feedback and deliver the project assets when a project is finished.

Campaign terms and conditions

Who’s eligible

  • you have to be a new subscriber. This is a time limited offer, therefore accounts created after April 15, 2016 cannot participate.
  • you need to remain a Paymo subscriber for at least 6 consecutive months.

What you need to do

  • create a Paymo subscription.
  • create a ViewFlux account.
  • send us an email at support[at] with the email address associated with your Paymo subscription and the email address associated with your ViewFlux account.

Benefits of using ViewFlux

Deliver interactive experiences

Delight your clients with their soon to be built website or app UI. They can experience & interact with your designs directly in their browser on the desktop, tablet or phone. It’s like using the real thing before it’s actually finished!

Simplify the feedback process

You can turn feedback into an actionable conversation with ViewFlux. Instead of using different channels of communication (email, IM, Skype, Phone) you can now communicate and collaborate with all your clients visually, directly on top of their designs.

Access the project history

Save all the design revisions you want – go back in time at any point to restore an older file with instant access to all previous comments – settle any possible argument that might come up in the design process and clear up any confusion.

All your assets in one place

Avoid email attachment limitations, spam filters and file delivery apps. Each of your projects has a place for its source files. You can upload unlimited files.
Click here to explore all the features.

ViewFlux interface

7 Comments on Special offer for web and creative agencies


Hi Laurentiu, sounds like a great promotion — is there any discount or deal offered for ViewFlux for people like us who have been Paymo customers for years?

Thank you.


Laurentiu Bancu

Laurentiu Bancu

Hey Andrew, I’ve sent you an in-app message.


César Costa

Hi Laurentiu,
Like Andrew said, there is anything for the others paymo customers?



Same here, I would love to start using ViewFlux! It’s exactly what I need at this moment. However I’m an “old customer”.. I could cancel my subscription and start a new one after few days – would that make me a “new customer”? 🙂


Jon Hart

I have the same question- any deal for loyal customers like us?


Glen Roethel

Hi Laurentiu,
I would love to use that too. Is it available if I already subscribe to Paymo?
~ Glen


Laurentiu Bancu

Laurentiu Bancu

I’m sorry, the offer was only for the new subscribers. I’ll talk with our partner and see if we can get in the near future some deal for existing customers too.


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