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Starting today, there will be three types of projects in Paymo (by billing type):

  1. Time & Materials – these are generally used for service contracts or any other type of work in which the client agrees to pay the contractor based upon the time spent to perform the work, and for materials/expenses incurred during the project.
  2. Flat rate – used when the client agrees to pay the contractor a lump sum for the fulfillment of the project (no matter how much time is spent in order to deliver the project).
  3. Non-billable – for projects that you’re not going to bill (eg. internal projects)
Types of projects in Paymo

When creating/editing a time & materials project, you can choose the rate that has priority. If the hourly rate for the selected option is not set, the system will use the next rate that has been set in this specific order: user rate, task rate, project rate, company rate.

A time & materials project can have three types of tasks (by billing type): time-based tasks, flat rate tasks, and non-billable tasks. The time-based tasks are based on time spent to perform the work, the flat rate tasks have a fixed price associated with them and non-billable tasks for activities that won’t be invoiced.

Accurate price estimates for your clients

You can set up task hourly rates, estimated hours and flat task rates by switching to the table view (click on the “Table view” icon in the top right corner of the tasks section for the project). Once they are set Paymo will calculate price estimates for each task and a total for the project (shown at the bottom of the screen).

Paymo project advanced view

In future updates for project billing, we’ll be adding a feature that will allow you to convert the price estimate calculation into a shareable Paymo Estimate.

You can find out more about these features in our knowledge base or you can write your opinion in the comments section below.

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You guys in my opinion are the best! I am very grateful and happy to use Paymo!


Jens Martsch

I wanted to ask if such a feature would be added, and Whoomp! There it is!


Paweł Potoniec

Great update!



Perfect! Thanks for listening to our needs, as always!



I can no longer see my hourly rates. When I go to the Task tab in a Project and click “Advanced View,” I can add a column for hourly rate, but it’s not populated. I used to be able to set a specific hourly rate for each project on the Project Overview page. It doesn’t look like I can do that anymore. Can you please tell me where I can find/edit the hourly rate for a project now? Thanks!



Is there a way to use a combination of T&M, Flat Rate, and non-billable in one project? We have big projects that have different scope items that require this. Thanks!



This is really great. In my opinion you are missing one small thing before I can say this is Perfect:

You say: “If the hourly rate for the selected option is not set, the system will use the next rate that has been set in this specific order: user rate, task rate, project rate, company rate. ”

I would add the option to have a “client rate” between the project rate and the company rate.
It happens a lot that we use different hourly rates based on the client.



Jennifer McMenemy

Thank you for delivering!! I am in constant need of this kind of pricing breakdown. Have been recommending your app to fellow freelancers.


greg taylor

eta on gantt capabilities?



Another good feature – thanks. I look forward to trying it out.


Antonio Pinto

Amazing work. You just keep improving!! Thank you!!


Ilan Golan

Finally! So much wanted feature! Thank you!


Darian J

This is an awesome update, guys! Love you!

Projects tags and filters are next, right? 😉


Patrick W

Perfect – this is exactly what I’ve been asking for!



Yes! Just what I’ve been missing. Well Done 😉



Great – I have a number of flat-rated projects. Am I missing something, though… I still want to track the time on the project so I can improve my estimating and the project I switched to use the flat rate now doesn’t show on my “hours used” report.


Ankur Agarwal


We as a team are great fan of your product and using this as our internal project management tool for all our clients’ projects and team & task management.

I would like your email notification start working in big way.
As my team work on the task and they update those into the system (PayMO account), immidiately an email should shoot-up to the project manager and other stakeholders who have subscribed that particular task / project.

and the stakeholders’ who are not the part of system (PayMO) should be allowed to add as subscribers to the task so that these people may start recieving emails as and when something new gets updated on PayMo by the users.

As people (internal user and external stakeholders of the project, who are not in PayMo) gets email notification, they may directly reply to that email and the email gets updated into the PayMo account as conversation. This is most wanted feature for project management, where we want to include our stakeholders, what is going on the project and it keep recorded into PayMo so everybody would be having better understanding whats going on and why we have taken particular decision inside the projects.

Like wise we keep get each users task status report daily / weekly and monthly and as aProject manager I could followup with my team-mets about the reason.

Could you help me out for these things….which I feel are very essential to handle real time projects with clients, stakeholders and teams with keep showing the updates.

Thanks & Regards,
Ankur Agarwal



Excellent idea – thanks!



I’ve seen on the PaymoWidget beta for Mac once I add a new task is automatically created a non-billable task and there is no way to change it, I was wondering why I had so little billable time, and was that…


Jacob Komar

Just to piggy back on Alison’s comments, we typically have fixed contracts but still track time for each hour to see if we are on budget etc… There is one big problem though. We typically invoice the fixed fee portion in bits as they are completed. For example, we issue an invoice for 30% completion, and 75% completion. But right now, the marked as invoiced is an all or nothing for the fixed fee projects. It would be nice if the software saw that I changed the invoice, and adjusted the “unpaid” portion accordingly.


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