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After months of hard work, we’re back with a mega-update that will make 2017 your best planned year. We’re excited to bring Resource Scheduling to Paymo.

Paymo Resource Scheduling

Now you can visually manage your work, people and time bookings in a beautiful timeline. The Paymo resource scheduling tool will allow you to:

  • click & drag to schedule bookings and assign tasks directly on the timeline
  • check what employees will be working on and how their time is booked
  • easily answer questions like who’s booked and who’s available for work
  • see at a glance which employees are overbooked or underbooked
  • view your schedule timeline by employee or project list, switch between them with a single click
  • the timeline updates bookings in real time, so managers can see booking updates right away without page reloads

The best news? It’s included in your base subscription, you start planning right away, No extra fees – available starting today. We’re not stopping here though, in the following period we plan rapid updates that will add extra features that make scheduling and planning even better.

Other important updates

  • a new way to add bulk time for multiple projects for a whole week
  • you can now toggle email notifications at project level
  • we’ve added support for a new payment gateway – Payoneer
  • your client details (name, address, etc…) can now be added, removed and reordered in your invoice templates
  • added a new filter for assigned users in projects table view
  • email notifications are now sent when a task changes status (columns) in the progress board
  • added a new column in the table view that displays Hours Left
  • on the project dashboard, the “hours worked” box we updated to show hours remaining from the total budget
  • hourly rates are now editable in project templates
  • you can collapse rows now in the progress board when the view is grouped by user
  • you can now sign-in to Paymo using your Google Account. (if your current Paymo email address is a Gmail/Google Apps you will be able to login directly by clicking on the “Sign-In with Google” button on the login form. Attention: If you try to login with a different Google email account than the one we have on file the system will set up a new account for you).

Let us know what you think in the comments section below, we hope you’ll enjoy the new features!

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Thank you to Jan and the entire team for this wonderful update! (Hours Left, especially 😀 )



We’ve been waiting for this update for a while now. Thank you!


Glen Roethel

I’m excited, and hoping to use this update some time 🙂


Dmitri Ponomarjov

Looks great! We however won’t be able to use it at the moment, but may be in future.
We are booking our developers project-based, not task based.
For example – mon/tue Project1, wednesday-friday Project2, without particular tasks, since there may be 5-10 small tasks daily.

This is because many tasks can’t be 100% estimated, our plans change daily and daily updating tasks statuses is a great amount of work we cannot afford at the moment. Anyway, maybe we will move to this model later.



I’m really excited about this Resource Scheduling feature! We were looking for this exact type of at-a-glance view of who is free vs who is busy. In the coming updates, I hope to see the ability to copy a booking or set a booking for recurrence to easily duplicate repetitive bookings.



This could be very helpful, thanks! However, can the Project list also be listed by Client in both the Users and Projects views? I have the same task I do for more than one client so when the list just shows the task, I can’t see which client I’m scheduling for.



Sometimes I think you are able to read our minds…just awesome!



This is an excellent addition – looking forward to giving it a go!


Jonathan Hussey

This looks great, but as others have also pointed out it would be great to see the requirement to enter a task removed so you could just schedule a project per user. When each task can either small or cannot be accurately estimated time wise (such as with web development) scheduling just a project is really the only viable solution. Hopefully this functionality will be added but for the time being, I’ll probably try creating one, unassigned, unbillable task per project just for scheduling time.

Another great addition would be to allow clients to login and see their projects scheduled entries so that they can know when their project is being worked on.

Overall a great addition to an always improving tool!



Thanks for the update, great new functionality. I have a few questions / suggestions. I guess some of them will already be in the making.
FYI, I’m a freelancer, I only schedule my own workload.

1. The booking hours don’t change the budget hours. It even looks like the resource planning is completely disconnected from the Tasks, apart from the ability to assign a task to a booking. Is that on purpose? Or will the next updates further integrate Tasks and Resource Scheduling?

2. Could we have a day view as well for more refined scheduling?

3. Are there plans for a link to calendars? Most people have meetings, or a day off from time to time, so they don’t have 8h/day to be scheduled. Could be solved by manually entering those meetings, but that complicates things of course. And as meetings change, things will go out of sync.

4. When booking, you have to assign a date range. For a task, that’s fine, but for a booking, it would make more sense to click on specific days (mo, wed, fr). When you want to book 3 separate days now for 1 task, you have to book it 3 times.

Keep up the good work!


Melissa A

The Add Bulk Time feature is wonderful …. long overdue! Thank you!!



would be awesome to be able to select an scheduled item as complete and automatically have it added to the timesheet


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