New Task Details & Task Priorities

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We have some exciting news and a sneak preview of things to come in the following months.

First up is a new redesigned full task details view. Since working with tasks is at the core of project management, our focus was on improving your experience with the Full Task Details view.

New Task Details and Task Priorities

The task details view is a complex structure as it contains all the information related to a task. Although the old layout worked pretty well over the years, it was a bit cluttered and it was not allowing us to add extra features easily.

The new layout is designed around the concept of focus & collaboration, highlighting the most relevant information related to a task at the centre of your screen while grouping together other information in the left pane of the window.

As of today, a highly requested feature is now available – you’ll be able to set priorities for your tasks and filter lists based on priorities.

Task Details

New Desktop Widget with Skinning

You’ve asked for it, we delivered. You can now select a high contrast skin for your widget, or create a new skin with your favourite colors!

Paymo Widget

Sneak Preview – Home, Meta Kanban and Scheduler

We’d also like to share other great new features coming soon. A new Home screen that will allow project managers to view all tasks in a company plus a Meta Kanban Board – a new way to view all your tasks across all projects as a board.

Tasks Meta Kanban

Scheduler Preview

Another area where we have been working hard for some time is improving the resource scheduler. You’ll soon be able use a new ungrouped view in the schedule timeline, and the ability to schedule by the hour.


We hope you’ll find the updates useful! Don’t forget to visit our community forum to post new feature ideas and vote for existing ones.

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Wow, you guys are AWESOME. These are such good improvements!! Please keep on the good work, this tells me that you’re working on and improving Paymo all time so I’m subscribing to it!! 🙂
P.S. Where’s the community forum to post some new feature ideas/vote for the existing ones? 🙂




That’s pretty awesome! Looking forward to it!

I’d also love to see a feature that enables us to manually enter times using the mobile app (iOS). That way I don’t always have to spin up the computer just to track the time of an incoming call or something.




Wow, nice job with the desktop app!


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