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We’ve been hard at work on a few things at Paymo this fall and we’ve got some exciting news. We’re launching a brand new Desktop Widget for time tracking (beta), an Adobe Photoshop panel that lets you track time directly from PS, and, last but not least, a redesigned timesheet report builder.

The new Desktop Widget (beta)

Paymo Widget

The Desktop Widget is finally back – you can start using it today in beta. Here are some of the key features:

  • server-side timers (the web app timer and the widget are now in sync and can be started/stopped from anywhere, mobile app support coming soon)
  • stopwatch timer & manual time entry
  • daily timesheet overview
  • daily totals & time entry grouping
  • quickly restart timers for recent tasks
  • existing time entry editing
  • widget auto-update mechanism
  • Windows, Mac and Linux support
  • the widget can now be installed directly in Adobe Creative Suite apps (Photoshop, InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, Premiere Pro) as a panel, details here

The Desktop Widget (beta) is work in progress so you’ll be seeing regular updates before the official launch. We’d like to ask for your input and feedback via the in-app help system. Please report any bugs you might encounter or feel free to send suggestions and feature requests.

The widget can be downloaded here: Windows, Mac, and Linux 64Bit / Linux 32Bit.

(on Windows you might see a warning about Windows protecting your PC, in this case, please click on the “More Info” text in the warning screen then click on button in the bottom right corner that says “Run anyway”)

Redesigned Timesheet Report Builder


Based on your feedback and our observations we’re happy to introduce a new report builder with new features:

  • one of the most requested features – flexible grouping (you can now create custom grouping by any item available)
  • subgrouping in the report hierarchy (based on the previous selection)
  • project status support (you can now create reports for projects based on their status)
  • include Project IDs and Task IDs
  • a redesigned streamlined look & feel for the report builder

PS: We’re also on Product Hunt here. If you like it, please upvote. Thanks!

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Peter Bockenhauer

I really miss the icon changing in the menubar when the timer is active.



Super sleek design and great functionality, very close to the great UX of toggl, making Paymo even better :-D… – hopefully a taste of things to come for the website – and much appreciated. A panel for Indesign would be very very cool.
Two small ideas: ;
— maybe it would be cool to have the window be a direct part of the menu item (klick on menu-icon, window opens down from the menu)
— we really love adding +15 +30 +60 minutes from the times in Paymo. Integrating this here would be awesome.

Many thanks!


Jens Martsch

First of all, this is great news. I love the new design of the widget (I am on Windows 10)
A “Start with Windows” setting would be very nice, as I need the Time Tracker everyday.
An indicator that the timer is counting in the tray would be nice. Maybe a color change of the icon.
Anyways, nice work. Thank you.


Larry Daniele

Paymo 6.0.8 Feedback

1. LOVE being able to resume recent tasks. Excellent!!!!!!!!

2. MISS the animated green menu bar icon showing that a task is in progress. It really is important to know if I’m “clocked in” or not.

3. When starting a new task, I would enter the first letters of a project name, select project, see Tasks start to come up and then get flipped back to Projects before I could select a task. Happened a number of times.

4. WOULD APPRECIATE an option to hide the icon on the Dock (the menu bar icon is sufficient).

5. When resuming a task, the “Entry Note” is empty. I would assume it would pick up the last note. Even so, if I enter a new one, when I return to the task (or stop it), the Entry Note that I DID enter is gone.

6. Clicking the menu bar icon should show and hide Paymo, period. No submenu needed. We can quit the program when it is shown. Or you can add a Quit command to the widget itself. But Quit is a feature rarely used, so I don’t think it needed to be in there complicated the expected Shaw/Hide behavior.


Jonathan Waters

As a user with admin privileges, I’d love to be able to assign myself to a project(as project manager) with one click from the widget.

In the widget, without being assigned to a project I am unable to see available tasks. I understand this is useful for admins to moderate tasks against non-admin users, but the option to see all tasks as an admin or assign myself to the project would be very convenient.

A grayed out status widget/badge underneath the “Search Task” input field after choosing the project to work on.
The widget only appears when the user is admin + is not assigned to the project.
(the task list would be empty because the user isn’t assigned to the project).
It would read the equivalent of “you are not assigned to this project”. (unassigned?)
Hovering it expands, turns bg -color white, text-color grey/black and changes text to read “assign me to this project (as project manager)” Clicking it would do a satisfying checkmark animation (with flashing lights and exploding stars) and say “(check) assigned”. then it would contract and disappear as the tasks show up… yay…

Thanks for considering 🙂


Larry Daniele

Two more issues with v6.0.8:

1. When I returned the next morning (at 4:29 AM Eastern US time) after having the widget open (but no task running), the “today” view still shows yesterday’s tasks.

2. When I start running a task this morning and return to the widget, the running task is not displayed. Just the outdated “Today” items.

3. If I quit the Paymo Widget and then restart it, the current running task DOES appear :-), but pressing the “Stop” button has no effect. I can’t stop the task. 🙁

4. If I go to the Paymo app in my browser, I don’t see the task running there, so I can’t stop it from their either (which it sounds like I should be able to do from the description “the web app timer and the widget are now in sync and can be started/stopped from anywhere”, above).

I see lots of promise in this new widget. Thanks for working so hard on it!


Larry Daniele

About the redesigned Timesheet Report Builder, I’m very excited about the flexible grouping options. The default ordering of “Projects, Task Lists, Tasks, Time” is great. But above the topmost level, I’d like to add separate out “Billable” and “Non-Billable” so my clients can then see clearly the set of time slips that they were billed for (and can match that up the total time to what is billed on their invoice) while still giving visibility to all the extra work that we’ve done for them but not billed for.
Two issues:
1. When editing an old report, the ordering “Projects, Task Lists, Tasks, Time” is presented and the “Add another item” link is disabled. This gives the impression that you can’t add more than 4 items. But you can if you start at the top again. Maybe just some on-screen prompt or hint would help.
2. There is no “Billable” ordering (different from “Billed”) that does what I’d like to do.



I love the new widget and report builder so far! The new features and design are great!

For the widget, I second the icon changing when active and the elimination of the show/quit menu when clicking the icon.

I also miss the “how should your idle time be handled?” tracker and notification since I frequently rely on that feature.

And I miss having the most recent project/task stay up on the widget after stopping the tracker so I can easily stop and then restart the same task without having to go back through the list every time I stop momentarily.


Larry Daniele

Do we also lose the “Inactivity” timer with the new Paymo Widget? I liked that as a feature because often I get called away and return to find the timer running. With the inactivity timer, I at least had a clue when I stopped work on the task. I understand this may be more of a challenge with a server-based timer, but it would be appreciated. A “nice to have” but not a “must have”.



Are you going to support taking periodic screenshots and tracking activity like in Hubstaff app?



I love the new widget, but I noticed an issue: I entered a few manual entries and even though I chose the correct date in the calendar for each entry, on the timesheet screen each entry appears ONE DAY BEFORE the entered date : eg. I entered something for Monday, Dec 4 and on the timesheet screen the date appears as Sunday, December 3! When I clicked on the “edit” button to edit the date (thinking I chose the wrong date), on the “edit time entry” screen the date was correct… 😕 So even though I chose the correct date and on the “Add time” & “Edit time” screens the date is Dec 4, the timesheet screen shows it as Dec 3.
Also, I’d like to have the option to choose the date format on the “add entry” / “edit entry” screens, the current format is day/month/year and here in the US we use month/day/year. Not something super important, but when you’re used to seeing dates in a certain format, it’s confusing when you have to use a different format.



The ability to update entries would be nice. I mostly enter intervals instead of running the timer, and sometimes I need to edit an entry to add or subtract time. Or, as after the latest update, fix an incorrect time.



I love the new widget!
It would be great if when the widget is closed (like when I shutdown the computer) the timer get automatically stopped.



Huge fan of the desktop widget, it’s much more user friendly than the other time entry programs I’ve tried out. My # 1 thing I love about Paymo in general is it’s more of a “team” time tracking, It seems meant for honest team members trying to just efficiently track their time which is what I was looking for, as opposed to other apps taking screenshots and other features I’m not interested in.
Some thoughts: 1) Option for widget auto opened on startup. 2) I really like the weekly / daily calendar view on the website, it would be nice if at least the daily view of this feature could be incorporated into the widget including the ability to drag the time block to adjust the hours. 3) A minimize option to have the time ticker and current task showing in a small section on the bottom right of the screen. 4) red & green colors on the notification area icon to indicate actively tracking or stopped. 5) Ability to detect when someone has been away for a set amount of minutes and prompt upon returning to the computer if they would like to keep that time as billable for that task or reclass as “away” time.


David McCreary

Please allow us to change the color. Contrast between the neon green (ugh) and white is not great enough. Hideous green IMO.



It looks like the desktop widget isn’t functional when you go offline. I would love to see this handled like the old widget where it kept recording regardless of your connectivity to the internet.


Karen MT

Is there a place to get the release notes when there’s an update? I have no idea what the new colors and lines on today’s update mean.


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