The Gantt Chart – Where to Start and How to Use it to Plan Your Projects

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The Gantt Chart is a popular technique we use in project management for planning, scheduling, and monitoring projects. It shows managers and team members how tasks display against time. Gantt Charts will offer clear answers to important questions like “What needs to be done?”, “When does a task start and when it is scheduled to be completed?”, “Which activities overlap and what are the connections between tasks?” or “Who is the person responsible for a task?”.

gantt chart

Currently, Gantt Charts are a common feature, like reporting, in many work and project management tools, used by big and small teams that run multiple projects. Ever since the first computers became widespread, they’ve been actively used on projects to plan and schedule tasks, visualize the project as a whole, monitor the team’s work according to deadlines, and make appropriate adjustments to the initial project plan based on changes that can be identified on the chart from a simple look.

Gantt Chart example

Gantt Chart example in Paymo

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To find out more about the various elements that make Gantt Charts work for so many teams, check out the resources we’ve left for you below:

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