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Producteev was a task management software for individuals and teams that offered advanced task management and collaboration features. The product will be shut down on May 11, 2018. It seems there’s no official announcement from Jive, the company that bought Producteev back in 2012. While we don’t know why this is happening (which is pretty weird), there will probably be thousands of freelancers and companies that have used it and will need a Producteev alternative.

Switching from one task management app to another can be a daunting task. Especially where there are a lot of Producteev alternatives on the market. You have to check if the alternative solution is free or not, what are the limitations of the free version, what features it offers, how user-friendly it is, what others had to say, and more.

Why is Paymo a good free Producteev alternative

If you were using Producteev as an individual, you were probably interested in a couple of features like projects, tasks, deadlines, file attachments, or priorities. The free version of Paymo, dedicated exclusively to freelancers, offers a similar package of core features, plus some more useful ones: Kanban boards, simple & automatic time tracking, and timesheet reporting.

The task management features help you prioritize work and set deadlines. Meanwhile, the time tracking and reporting ones will tell you exactly how much time you spend on tasks. This automatically translates into getting paid fairly. You’ll also be able to keep your clients informed on the projects’ progress by sending them reports regularly.

Don’t underestimate the power of the Kanban board, since it’s one of the most appreciated and practical methods for managing tasks in a simple and intuitive way. This task management tool gives you a visual overview of the tasks that need to be done, are in progress, or were completed.


The anatomy of a Kanban board

Why use Paymo as a team

The free version of Paymo might be sufficient if you’re a freelancer. However, if you have a team, try one of the paid Paymo plans: Small Office or Business. These offer additional features suited for teams that are serious about all work aspects: advanced task management and planning, scheduling and collaboration, advanced reporting, and invoicing clients.

To put it briefly, either of these plans allows you to manage projects from start to finish. This means you can create the plan, distribute and schedule activities, track work time, issue reports, make adjustments on the go, and, when the work is done, create and send invoices to your clients.

You can check the complete list of featuresread what others have to say about Paymo or create a free account.

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