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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

On Paymo's blog, you can read and learn how to run projects better, manage your time and team, and, in general, be more efficient and productive at work. Read more about Paymo here.

We encourage you to read the entire guide carefully.

Here are the key points. Ignore any of these, and we’ll ignore you. Yep, we know it sounds harsh, but it’s just another way of saying we take this very seriously.

Key Points

  • We only collaborate with people who share their real identity – LinkedIn profile, Twitter, or personal website is mandatory.
  • We hate stock photos and outreach templates. If you don’t invest time in writing a personalized email, we doubt that you’re going to invest time in crafting a legendary article.
  • Show us a sample of your work that makes you proud—your A+ essay or your hot-off-the-press article.
  • We have zero-tolerance for bullshit: republished content, plagiarism, “thin” content that demonstrates a lack of knowledge or research, self-promotional content, fluff. Put in the work to write a memorable piece.
  • All links should bring real value to the reader and naturally fit the context. No affiliate links or links to unethical or spammy websites are allowed: casinos, crypto, debt, loans, malware, vaping, guns, etc. Also, no links or mentions to our competitors (project or work management, time tracking, and invoicing software) are permitted.
  • We don’t accept money to publish your article.
  • We smell spamdexing schemes and link farms from a mile away. And we make sure to avoid them at all costs. And you should avoid us too.
  • Send your pitch to [email protected].

Content Standards

Topics We Cover

We'll give you a spreadsheet listing the titles and topics that haven’t been published yet. You can choose your topic of interest or pitch us variations to what’s listed there. Also, you can find here information about how to structure your article.

Paymo covers insights and guides from the following topics:

  • work management, project management, task management
  • time management and time tracking
  • productivity
  • team collaboration & management
  • accounting & invoicing
  • office life: work relationships, career development, workplace benefits, etc.
  • remote work

Important notice

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