Melcher Media & Design is a Regina-based company founded in 2007, constantly pushing the envelope producing innovation in the field of digital design and online solutions. Their company size allows them a big agency reach, with a small agency flex. Due to their experience in the industry, they embrace and employ the latest technologies to share stories and create inspired online experiences. Leveraging their unique blend of out-of-the-box creativity and strategy brings clear vision to complex projects. Melcher Media & Design has connections in Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario to help achieve their ultimate goal of seamless customer service & delivery of impeccable product.

“Paymo helps us automate our workflow, save time, budget and keep our projects on track. It also allows us to easily track time from different locations for ease of billing and clarity to our clients.”Dwayne Melcher

What Marketing & Social Media Experts Love About Paymo

Flexibility to Work from Anywhere

Paymo makes working on the go or from home easy. Track time on your mobile device and any changes made while working offline will be automatically synchronized with your online account when you connect to the Internet.

Project Templates are Time Savers

If you conduct your projects in a similar manner, you will save a lot of time by saving your task lists as templates. This way, you don’t have to start from scratch every time. Just build on the template you already have.

Easy Team Collaboration

If you and your colleagues are working on the same projects and tasks, you can securely share files in the application or comment directly at task level. If a lot of your team is working remotely, this is even more useful.

Managing Time with Timesheets

If you have to juggle between a lot of different projects, you will love Timesheets. It will help you keep track of time spent on different projects and organize everything so that you don’t have projects or tasks colliding.

Following Key Project Events with Milestones

When you’re working on big projects, it is important you don’t miss key events and know when major project components are to be completed. Set up custom alerts with Milestones to make sure everything is delivered on time.

Fast Online Invoicing

With a couple of clicks you can turn your timesheet data or your estimates into an invoice. Plus, if you use a payment gateway, you can create invoices in Paymo and let your clients pay you directly from the invoice.

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