strategic HR, inc. is an outsourced human resources management firm with 15 employees. For over 20 years, they have helped companies that are lean or don’t have dedicated HR staff manage their HR function in all areas of HR including handbooks and policies, employee issues, recruitment, training and more.

“Paymo provides simple and efficient time tracking that is customizable for each project. As a consulting firm, we have to track each employee’s billable time and capture it on one invoice for each client. Paymo makes this process a snap.” Robin Throckmorton

What Business Consultants Love Most About Paymo

Flexible Task Management

When you have different types of projects, it is important to be able to have different workflows for each project. There are more ways to use the app, pick your favorite!

Project Templates

When you have similar projects, you can create a template that can be used for future projects that have similar tasks. This way, you don't have to start all over every time.

Speedy Online Invoicing

You can turn your timesheet data into an invoice with just a few simple clicks, manually enter or adjust data, and customize its appearance to better represent your brand.

Easy Access to File Sharing

By using the Files feature, you can add any related documentation that you or a team member may need for a certain project. This allows for consistency across the team.

Full Control Over a Project’s Progress

Project managers can conduct periodic reports to track the time worked relative to the budget as well as the status of a project. Any potential slips will be easier to fix.

Customizable Reports

You can customize the information you want to include in a report. For example, you can group your reports by day or round up time entries to your minimum billing time.

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