Project Accounting

Forget multiple apps for your business. On top of project management features Paymo offers invoicing, estimates and expenses in a single app. Hassle free.

Paymo Invoicing & Financial Add-ons

Time & Materials, Flat Fee and Non-billable Projects

Generate invoices for hours spent on projects, bill for a flat fee, or combine both on a single invoice. Choose the "non-billable" option for internal projects that you don't want to invoice. You can also create accurate project price estimates based on tasks and hourly/flat rates and share them with your clients.

Time & Materials, flat fee and non-billable projects

Flexible Billing Rates

Companies often charge different hourly rates for each project. Paymo makes it easy to set up different rate scales. You can set up a default hourly rate (applied to every new project), or different hourly rates per project, per employee, or per task.

Flexible billing rates

Estimates and Expense Tracking

Create estimates in Paymo and convert approved estimates into invoices, with a single click. Record expenses you incur for a project and easily add them to your invoices.

Estimates and expense tracking

Direct Payments

If you use a payment gateway, you can create invoices in Paymo and let your clients pay you directly from the invoice. When an invoice is paid online it will automatically be marked as "paid" in Paymo.

Direct payments

Online Invoicing

With a couple of clicks you can turn your timesheet data into an invoice. You can manually adjust the data and share the invoice with your clients via email. Invoices are available in multiple languages and currencies and you can customize their appearance to better reflect your brand.

Getting paid just got easier

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