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In the past few weeks, our team has worked on improving the way you’re working with tasks in Paymo. We’ve also taken into consideration your requests and here are the changes that have been made:

Global and single expand/collapse feature for task lists

Besides the fact that you can expand/collapse all task lists in one click, you can now do the same for each task list.

Collapse task lists

One click Start/Stop timer directly from tasks

Instead of selecting a task from the web timer, you can now start tracking time or stop the timer by clicking the green icon near a task. The icon is animated so you can easily identify the task that’s being tracked.

Start timer

New rich text toolbar editor for inline task description editing

When adding a description for a task, you’ll be able to highlight different parts by selecting the text and applying the desired formatting (bold, italic, underline, linking, ordered & unordered lists, remove formatting function).


Inline drag & drop for task lists

Click on the icon in front of a task list (this will automatically collapse all the other task lists) and move it to the desired location.

Drag & Drop task lists

Improvements to the inline task assign feature

Assign users

We hope you’ll find these updates useful. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Thank you!

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Brecht Cloetens

Great work guys! Now we’re only waiting for tasks with fixed prices 🙂



Looks great! I’m looking forward to trying out these new features.


Breno Pereira

Very helpful. Now I’m looking forward seeing the Gantt graphs.


Sarah Coots

This is great. Now, if I could only give my clients a link to see their current tasks, due dates, notes and status (with or without the timesheet being included), it would be the perfect program!


Mark H

Awesome! Something I’ve been meaning to ask for awhile but is there a current way or feature in the works that allows the user to mark multiple entries as “invoiced”? Great product. Thanks!


Blake Blacksmith

Awesome! Starting the timer for a task is now a breeze! The collapse and expand for task lists is a nice touch.



This is great! I have wanted a timer attached to each task for a while now so thank you for making it happen. I love these changes! Thanks!


Daniel Rivas

Congrats! I love what you’re doing!



Pure awesomeness! Thank you for these improvements!


Tim Morrissey

Great improvements. The One click Start/Stop timer directly from tasks is my favourite.



Nice touches! hope in future the time tracking for OSX also shows the task lists in the same order I rearranged on the web 🙂 for now it’s in alphabetical order 🙁



Since we have paymo open on machine nearly the whole day is it possible to set alarms for meeting or sync meeting, presentation dates and future work to do time and date with ical so that one doesn’t have to maintain multiple apps? Thanks


Adriaan Snoeren

Excellent! Love the timer function 🙂


Christopher King

You guys ROCK!



That’s a good improvement.
This now makes me wonder if it is possible to have a “Recent Task Timers” view so that it is easy for someone who is putting time against 10 different tasks/projects each day? I find the Mac timer app in the menu bar a bit slow to use because it uses Clients before Projects. For us it would be easier if it was just projects without clients.



These are some great updates, would still really like to see cascading task lists at some stage though i.e complete one task and next one on the list immediately becomes available!



Nice work guys, I am so happy I moved over a couple years ago from that other horrible system I was using. Keep the cool features rolling!



Is there any way for those nice task descriptions to end up on an invoice with a $ line for those hours?



Hey I like being able to start the timer direct from the task – nice one 🙂
It reminded me of something I always thought would be useful: if you could start the timer, but at the same time say I started this task 10 minutes ago actually, because I always forget to set it going at the right time!



Great work! Thanks.



Really need to make it possible to convert a task into a task list. Thanks



Great work guys. I’m just starting to use your App but it looks very promising to me. Will use it for a while to see if it fits my needs. Thanks a lot for the new features and that you continue to release new features.


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