What’s New in Paymo: Redesigned Full Task View, Public Api, and More

Laurentiu Bancu

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Laurentiu Bancu

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Starting today we’ll be posting regular updates on newly added features & improvements in Paymo. Here’s a list with all the changes that we’ve made in the past weeks:

  • added a “Full task view” – each task now has its own URL + view that contains all the details related to a task.
Paymo full task details

  • added a dashboard milestone widget – it contains global milestones for all your projects.
  • custom dates for milestone reminders
  • new email delivery system – the chances of emails getting caught by spam filters have been significantly reduced
  • Paymo API is now public at https://github.com/paymoapp/api
  • dashboard widgets drag & drop functionality – you can drag and reorder them as you wish
Paymo widgets drag&drop
  • ability to bundle invoices & timesheet reports – when creating an invoice with the “Add from timesheet option” you can attach the associated timesheet report to the invoice for the client
  • added a new payment gateway: Stripe
  • export expenses as PDF
  • redesigned “Add from timesheet” panel
  • added a “Mark as” button for Estimates
  • link to clients from the project overview screen
  • redesigned bulk time entry input
  • invoices no longer marked as viewed if the logged in user views the invoice
  • fixed rendering issues for invoices in Adobe Reader
  • added an option to select all users when assigning projects
  • ability to create invoices from the Clients > invoicing screen
  • redesigned invoice permalink share screen
  • added checked symbol for tasks in reports (if they are complete)
  • widget now allows you to open the online app
  • over 100 minor bugs fixes and small improvements in various modules
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