What’s New in Paymo: New Mobile App Version, Zapier Integration, and More

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Here’s a list of some of the most important things we’ve been working on over the past weeks:

  • Zapier integration allows you to connect Paymo with hundreds of other apps you use, like QuickBooks Online, Slack, or Xero. Check this link for the full list and integration details.
  • new mobile app version for iOS and Android (bug fixes + new features)
  • week numbers in timesheet month view:

Paymo timesheet

  • redesigned discussions view:
  • see how many completed tasks there are within each project in the Table Projects view
  • improved styling of data added via the “Add from timesheet” option on invoices
  • all the charts in the app can now be downloaded as png, jpg, svg, annotated or printed:
Annotate reports
  • “Agenda View” now has a calendar that allows you to easily select a date range:
Calendar in agenda
  • we’ve launched the spread the word about Paymo page, where you can find some of the ways to support us (and even get a small reward for the effort :). I would like to thank all those that have already helped us by spreading the word.
  • over 150+ refinements and small bug fixes.

We’re currently working on implementing advanced user permissions and adding fixed price budget for projects and tasks.

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Yes, I am waiting for fixed price budger too, thx. And about Zapier? When I see this (You can do so much more with Paymo by connecting it to the other apps you use) I hope, I can connect my paymo account ,with calllog in mobile and track my call time with client and other future what i hoping for, is googlmaps connectinon, for better tracking my working roud trip. But it is not possible. That what is importent for me.



About Paymo/Zapier, I agree with Konopy.
So far, the possibilities are very limited.
Actions are limited to :
Create Project : Creates a new project.
Create Invoice : Creates a new invoice
Create Client : Creates a new client.
Create Task : Creates a new task.

And triggers are the same :
New Project : Triggers when a new project is created.
New Task : Triggers when a new task is created.
New Invoice : Triggers when a new invoice is created in Paymo.
New Client : Triggers when a new client is created in Paymo.

But yes there is nothing to handle time management.
So no way to create, start or finish a time entry.

Is this a planned feature ? 🙂



So is it now possible to add clients to discussions ?



This is great news! Integrations are really really important! Actually, a summer trainee in our office is just working on a simple WordPress ticketing system that feeds to Paymo taks 🙂
I have on small request – is it possible to add the PDF url to invoice fields, communicated by Paymo to Zappier? This would be great as it would allow us to prepare invoices for accountants and auditors or simply store a backup copy of them in Dropbox, for example. I know, that the only difference between the invoice permalink and the PDF download link is the last parameter, so this should not be hard to do. Thanks in advance – awesome work!


Bo Zhao

Great updates. I’ve been using paymo for many projects and it just serve well. Would recommend to any small tech firms like us. One thing, please seriously consider to generate Gantt Chart for project management and progress review. Since you have all the data already, it is just way of new display.




All the updates are useful.
BTW, what about an advanced notifications?
I believe there should be a “notifications” tab in a sidebar, which should list all the task/project/time updates.
When I open a project, I would like to see all time entries, comments, project info updates (eg: description is changed), all permissions updates (new user is added, etc), all edits. All the info should also be sortable. Do you have any plans for making this real?



Over 150+ refinements and small bug fixes..nice! and thank you once again!



What about project filters?

We need a tags like functionality for the projects.



Will you be adding iPhone 6 Plus support to the iOS app? It looks horrible and fuzzy 🙁


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