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Product Updates

New Paymo Widget

Since launching Paymo in 2008, we have been on a mission to create the best time tracking experience for freelancers & small businesses. From the get-go, a key part of our strategy was to offer a mix of cloud and desktop apps that enable you to work seamlessly across different mediums. Today we’re thrilled to launch the stable release of our desktop time tracking widget V6 – available for Mac, Windows & Linux. It’s been re-built from the ground up with Electron, React and GraphQL offering us a solid base to build upon for the future.

Introducing Paymo Widget v6

The widget is a companion app for the online version of Paymo that allows fast access to your timesheet with a couple of clicks – directly on your desktop. In addition to the basic functions of the online timer, you get lots of extra features that will make time tracking as painless as possible:

  • a view of recent time entries grouped by days
  • quickly restart a recent timer
  • a visual progress of your daily time and overtime indicators
  • keyboard shortcuts for fast tracking
  • idle time detection
  • bulk time shortcuts
  • see the current active timer on the menubar (Mac only)
  • launch on startup

We hope you’ll enjoy using the new widget 🙂

Thanks to all beta testers for your precious feedback!

Let us know your thoughts below!

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Miguel Cecilia

Hi Jan, congratulations once more time. Does it only work when connected to the internet?




Hopefully you will add the Hide in Dock option again so I won’t have to keep making this update with each refresh:

And I wish this worked when offline as well– the old one did and was extremely useful. Not all work is online!


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