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Feb 1, 2022

Top Zapier Integrations in Paymo

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Marcel Tit

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February 1, 2022

As a company, you rely on Paymo for project management, resource scheduling, time tracking, invoicing, or all of the above. Yet there are other needs that might be covered by other apps. Video calls in Zoom, mind maps in Miro, leads in PipeDrive – you get it.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could automate your workflow and save time? You actually can.

Zapier connects Paymo to over 2000 apps, allowing you to put your processes on auto-pilot. The idea behind it is simple: you set an action in Paymo that triggers another action in a separate app. The reverse works too. For example, everytime you finish a project in Paymo, you could automatically log it inside a Google Spreadsheet that serves as a project tracker.

The possibilities are endless. To give you a helping hand, here are the most common Zapier integrations in Paymo.

Convert emails from your Gmail account to tasks in Paymo

While email can be a great medium for communicating with your clients, you can’t use it as your de facto file repository. Sooner or later, all the proposals, contracts, and meeting memos will pile up and make you lose track of important contacts.

Link your Gmail Business account with Paymo and turn client requests into actionable tasks, without having to involve account managers or project managers. You can go one step further and fine-tune the process so that only emails with a specific subject line enter the right project.

Log support tickets from Freshdesk as tasks in Paymo

A customer has found a glitch in your software or has an imminent request. You’re proud that you’ve caught it on time – congrats! Yet you need someone from the development or accounting team to solve the problem. This is definitely not the support’s area of expertise.

Address every request just-in-time. Sync Freshdesk with Paymo to create tasks with rich details for every support ticket. This way, none of them will slip you by, while your support team (and business) will enjoy decreased response times.

Pair GitHub issues with Paymo tasks

As a developer, there’s a certain excitement whenever you push git/version control. Especially when there are 3 days left from the sprint, enough time for you to work on your side project. In most cases though, issues that you didn’t even write in the first place will show up.

Never lose track of development issues when they arise, even if they belong to someone else’s branch. Bring in everything automatically, with GitHub issues as a trigger and Paymo tasks as an action, and ease the life of your developers.

Nurture Paymo clients as subscribers in MailChimp

Ever had to run email campaigns that are much more complex than a newsletter? Heck, even a newsletter can be a hassle. You need a designer to come up with a mock-up, copywriters to write copy, and a front-end developer to test it on every device possible.

Make the process as lean as possible. For every new client in Paymo, you can add them as a new subscriber in MailChimp. Nurture your most precious clients with the right email campaigns from the get-go, don’t wait till its too late (that is when they are just about to leave).

What are you waiting for? Start automating your Paymo processes today with Zapier Integrations.

Don’t forget to also check integrations between Paymo and other popular apps like Box, Evernote, Google Calendar, or Google Sheets. This is worth mentioning again, there are 2000+ apps that you can conenct with to make your life easier.

Happy automating! And let us know if you know of other Zapier integrations with Paymo that you can’t live without.

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