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In my short days as a sales rep, there was one thing I dreaded each day.

No, it wasn’t making cold calls, nor handling objections with a sceptical prospect. But something more on the admin side of things: filling up the CRM.

It took me at least one hour a day to add all the contact details and notes for each prospect, who weren’t guaranteed to become customers. Squandered efforts indeed.

If you’re going through something similar, then you might want to see this.

Salesflare is a powerful, yet simple CRM that automatically fills itself, so you can stop tracking customer info manually, spend more time with customers and make more sales.

Among its most notable features, you’ll be able to:

  • Connect your emails, calendar meetings and phone logs with your customer profile, hence have an accurate history log of all your actions
  • Oversee all your opportunities under one smart view, that surfaces which one is due and what action to take next
  • Learn how your customers are engaging with you in terms of what emails & links they open and how they navigate your website, so it’s easy for you to follow-up in context
  • Sync all your contacts and automatically enrich them, with automated data coming in from email signatures and social profiles

As part of our Apps Marketplace, Salesflare is offering an exclusive 50% discount on the first 3 months to all our paying customers. Be sure to check the full promotional terms and how to get the offer.

We hope Salesflare will be a great addition to your stack, especially if you deal with a lot of clients on a monthly basis.

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