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Whether you’re a freelancer or a business owner, knowing how much you make at the end of the day is essential to your company’s future: whom to hire, when to ask for funding, you get it.

Financials don’t have to be a roadblock on the way to growth. That’s why we’ve partnered up with QuickBooks Online to help you get a grip on them and focus on your craft.

Why QuickBooks Online + Paymo

QuickBooks Online is a world leading accounting software that allows small and medium businesses to create custom, professional invoices to be sent in minutes, but also to receive payments, record expenses for tax time, and monitor incoming cash flows from multiple vendors.

Here are the benefits to look after:

  • Accounting reports – Like profit and loss statements that give you clear details on how your business is performing or balance sheets to analyze trends in your industry over time.
  • Expense management – Register expenses for tax time, even photograph and save them through the QuickBooks Online mobile app.
  • Cash flow management – Always know how much cash is on hand and when to pay vendor bills. To save time, automate this process through recurring payments.
  • Accountant access – Cause let’s be honest, who’s best at managing your financials than accountants and bookkeepers? They can log in simultaneously and work with your books online.

How it works?

Our new integration makes it possible to export invoices to QuickBooks Online, as well as receive payments and sync them back in Paymo.

NOTE: Make sure that the taxes applied to the invoice match the ones applied to the services in QuickBooks Online, like the VAT or state tax.
paymo_quickbooks_export paymo_quickbooks_invoice
NOTE: If you delete an already exported invoice to QuickBooks Online, it’s also going to be deleted in Paymo. This doesn’t work the other way around though. Same goes for the received payments.

QuickBooks Online is a paid service that offers a 30-day free trial. After that, plans start at $15/month.

So go ahead and give your accountant the good news, together with this guideline on how to configure the integration.

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