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Feb 1, 2022

Introducing: PomoDone Integration

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Marcel Tit

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February 1, 2022

Ahhh, time tracking. How can you make it more enjoyable and focus oriented?

Luckily, the Pomodoro technique does exactly this: it breaks down larger chunks of work into manageable bits of 25 minutes (called Pomodoros) that are followed by shorter breaks of 5 minutes. So you can focus solely on the task at hand and replenish your levels of energy at regular intervals.

All you need is a simple timer that’s able to clock-in 25 minutes. Like PomoDone, our new time tracking integration.

Why Paymo + PomoDone?

Paymo already has a solid time tracking module, which becomes even more powerful when combined with PomoDone.

As you’ve probably guessed, PomoDone is a Pomodoro timer that integrates with Paymo.

pomodone widget

PomoDone Desktop App

By using it, you can benefit from a/an:

  • Easy setup – No need to create additional tasks. Just plug in projects from Paymo with their corresponding tasks in just 3 minutes!
  • Favorite tasks – To keep them handy in case you work on them on a regular basis.
  • Chrome Extension – Available for Mac and Windows, it allows you to create tasks right from the browser tab and block certain websites, so you can focus on your work without any further interruptions. Even start the Pomodoro timer right in the project’s Tasks area and switch between tasks within the same Pomodoro interval.

pomodone pomodoro timer

Embedded PomoDone timer in Paymo

The result? A more enjoyable time tracking experience where you feel that you work with time and not against it. Not to mention the increased productivity that results from these short “sprints”.


Just make sure to check the Sync entries back to Paymo option, so time entries show up in Paymo too.

sync pomodone integration with paymo

PomoDone Sync Settings

Special offer

You’ll be able to test PomoDone for free for 14 days (as opposed to the regular 7-day trial) then upgrade at the Lite or Ultimate plan. They come off at a 10% discount as a special offer from our partners.

Read more on how to configure this integration on our help page.

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