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Ring, ring ☎️

You pick up the phone. It’s your client, concerned about their social media campaign.

They have a few suggestions about how they can make it more flashy, but somehow they can’t see it through. Or at least can’t imagine it in a way that satisfies them.  

You, on the other hand, can, but it’s hard to explain this over the phone. What do you do next?

Use Planable, a social media planner, to centralize all your ideas, content, and feedback for both you and your client.

Here’s a few features that you can benefit from:

  • Pixel perfect previews – Create posts and preview them in different formats (text, video, GIF, link, video, album, carousel), so you don’t have to rely on awkward mock-ups anymore
  • Workspaces – Keep everyone on the same page with workspaces for both your team and clients, with clearly defined roles and permissions
  • One-click approvals – Add transparency to your workflow by allowing clients to make quick approvals that are visible to the whole team
  • Clear scheduling calendar – Define preferred time slots for when each of your posts needs to go live, then follow them in a master calendar for a broad perspective

As part of our Apps Marketplace, Planable is offering an exclusive 20% discount for their Starter and Premium Plans for the first two months to all our paying users. Just check the full promotional terms and how to get the offer first.

They also have a really cool Advent Calendar packed with exclusive deals for marketers around this time, so be sure to check it out.

Try them out and bring your clients efficiently into the loop when it comes to their social media campaigns 🙂

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