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In 2007, while running our web design agency Light Design Studio we’ve constantly had trouble keeping the company profitable. We’ve soon learned that many of our problems came from the lack of time management that usually meant that we were underbilling our time. We took matters into our own hands and created a simple online app for time tracking. After using it successfully in our business for a year we’ve decided to make it public and Paymo was born. The premise was simple, Paymo – wise tracking pays more.

The Mission

Over the years Paymo became a leading time tracking app that kept growing in functionality and user base. In the past years, the time tracking and invoicing space has undergone significant transformation and Paymo changed too. The whole team realized that Paymo has outgrown our original mission and brand since we started working on the first Paymo 3 prototypes.

We asked ourselves an apparently simple question – What is our mission? After lots of long talks and endless brainstorming sessions, the answer became quite clear. Paymo’s new mission is to move your projects forward. A bold statement and a big problem for us to tackle. We believe that our roots in time tracking are still vital to accomplishing this mission along with the introduction of new functionality.


Meet the new Paymo

We felt that the old logo was pretty decent but fairly boring, it didn’t do anything visually to underline our current mission and direction. The new identity provides a nice contrast in attitude by incorporating the checkmark icon into the type, underpinning the concept of getting things done and moving forward. Of course, the new identity is much more than symbols and slogans. We’ve redesigned the entire Paymo experience from the ground up to offer you a sleek new UI and better workflows while staying true to our time tracking roots. I hope you’ll all like our new identity!

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