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Feb 1, 2022

New Timesheets

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Jan Lukacs

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February 1, 2022

We want to announce you that the Timesheets area has been redesigned.

The experience is focused around easing the way in which you manually add time and monitor it, without any second guesses on who tracked what and when.

With remote work on the rise, we’ve launched Active Timers – a new feature that allows you to track the current running timers in parallel for each of your team members.

active timers

Active Timers View

Manually adding time is now user centric. The user is highlighted first on top on the left pane followed by the appropriate projects assigned to that particular user, then in the right pane you’ll see the actual time entry and its details.


Add Time Entry Pop-up

The Day and Week views were also updated with the introduction of formats:

  • Unfolded – displays time entries as a vertical timeline 
  • Folded – compresses the empty slots between time entries for a compact view of the entire timesheet


Folded Week View

Pair this up with the highly requested feature to display the daily total hours under the Week view, and you’ve got yourself a reliable control panel for all your time records.

In addition to this, you get lots of other features that will make time monitoring as pleasant as possible:

  • Multi-day time entries are now displayed on the timeline
  • Date range toggler (for the Day/Week/Month views)
  • Quick add bulk time button
  • Icons for entry types (via stopwatch, via form – duration, via form – interval)
  • Entry type filter
  • Saved filters for the Agenda view

We hope this update will make time tracking a more fluid experience 🙂 

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