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Wouldn’t it be great if clients could stop calling you outside office hours for every small improvement they had? Or if there were a better way to collect actionable tasks during meetings?

That’s possible, thanks to our new integration with JotForm.

Why JotForm + Paymo

JotForm is an online form builder that allows you to create professional looking forms without a single line of code. This makes it a great choice for various activities like registering product bugs, customer support tickets, or client suggestions in a more organized format.

Among its most notable advantages, you can bet on:

  • Advanced form elements – Apart the simple ones like short and long text, you can enhance your form with more advanced elements like geolocation, voice recording, QR code, and signature capture.
  • Offline data collection – To view and edit forms, as well as collect responses whether you’re at a client’s office or trade show and don’t have Internet connection. All the offline responses will sync automatically once the connection is back.
  • Card forms – To ask your prospects one question at a time, just like you would with someone in a face-to-face conversation.
  • 2500+ templates – From surveys and booking confirmations to order fulfilment and job applications, these customizable templates can be embedded into your website to do the heavy lifting for you.

How does it work

Through the new integration, you can add projects, tasks, and files in Paymo when someone submits a form. Perfect for when you need clients to contribute without resorting to calls or emails.


NOTE: The integration only supports the sync of three form elements:

  • Short Text Entry →  Project Name or Task Name
  • Long Text Entry Project Description or Task Description
  • File Upload Project Files or Task Files

This doesn’t mean you can’t add other elements, but only these three will get synced into Paymo.


JotForm also comes with a free plan which includes:

  • 100 monthly submissions/answers
  • 100 MB storage
  • 5 forms
  • 1000 monthly form views

So be sure to make great use of it and customize your forms to better reflect your brand and embed them into your website.

Read more on how to configure this integration on our help page.

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