What’s New in Paymo: Expenses per Project, Employee Overtime

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In addition to the regular work we did to improve the overall look and feel of the app (speed improvements, bug fixes etc.), here are some of the requested features that have been implemented in the past weeks:

Employee overtime

When looking at a user profile you now get textual information about his/hers overtime as well as a visual representation of overtime.


Expenses per project

When adding a new expense, you now have the possibility of assigning that expense to a project, not just a client.

Assign expense to project

Invoices/Estimates/Late Payment email templates

We added a new variable for the primary contact name. You can use this in the aforementioned templates. This allows you to change the primary contact person for that client.

Main contact

Invoices Advanced view

We’ve added a new column, Pending Payments. This represents the difference between the total sum you have to receive and what has already been paid.

Pending payments

Brazilian timezone fixes

We’ve fixed a bug that was affecting Brazilian users when timezone has changed.

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I see 2 issues:

#01.- the text under title “Invoices/Estimates/Late Payment email templates” seems not to be related with the paragraph.

#02.- it is pretty useful the setting of “main contact” for any client. The issue here comes with the different departments of the client. Usually each department of a certain client would have a “main contact”


Laurentiu Bancu

Laurentiu Bancu

Thanks for mentioning that Antonio, I’ve made the change.
Regarding your second point, for the moment that’s not possible, but we’ll take it into consideration for future updates.


Larry Daniele

The “Pending Payments” feature is our favorite improvement. Thanks for making a great product even better!


Amy Okubo

Attorneys bill in 6 minute increments. Can you make a setting that allows the time increment, when running invoices, to be set by default at 6 minutes instead of 15?


Fred Camino

Thanks for the continued updates. Appreciate the option to mark a contact as “main contact”.


Shelley Yeager

I do not like the fact that I can’t list multiple expenses assigned not only to a “project” but to a date or business trip. Imagine having to create an expense for every separate receipt related to a 2.5 week business trip. I’d rather select the client, select the project and provide a list all the expenses on one sheet. I paymo for time billing but not for client travel expenses because of this.



Nice work! Congratulations guys.

One small addition that I would like to see, is that when we “add from time sheet”, each task list shows the total time of its listed tasks. Actually this would be for my client’s benefit, since some projects must be processed with separate tallies for different types of work.



Very nice additions!
What I would like to see are some extended reporting possibilities. For instance, after using Paymo for several years now I would like to report on my hours and income over the last years grouped by year and/or by month.


Lisa Cole

Thanks, the pending payments is really useful.
Would it be possible to get a list of people I have worked for in a month so I can create invoices for them, and then be able to see that I have invoiced them for the month? – currently I use the little pie chart on the dashboard and I’m sure I miss the odd one.



I would LOVE to be able to see the total time on a project when in timesheets. I use agenda format and I add my hours but would love to be able to click on the project name and see a quick “total hours” on the project… without having to go to “Projects” and back to time sheets. Everything else has been great. Thanks!!!


Larry Busse

Most of my clients insist on seeing the receipts for expenses. When generating invoices, it would be helpful if a PDF containing the images of expense “receipts” being billed could be generated.


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