What’s New in Paymo: Expenses per Project, Employee Overtime

Laurentiu Bancu

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In addition to the regular work we did to improve the overall look and feel of the app (speed improvements, bug fixes etc.), here are some of the requested features that have been implemented in the past weeks:

Employee overtime

When looking at a user profile you now get textual information about his/hers overtime as well as a visual representation of overtime.


Note: If you want to know how much time your employees are spending on a certain task, or just want to do paid time tracking, check out this list of time management programs.

Expenses per project

When adding a new expense, you now have the possibility of assigning that expense to a project, not just a client.

Assign expense to project

Invoices/Estimates/Late Payment email templates

We added a new variable for the primary contact name. You can use this in the aforementioned templates. This allows you to change the primary contact person for that client.

Main contact

Invoices Advanced view

We’ve added a new column, Pending Payments. This represents the difference between the total sum you have to receive and what has already been paid.

Pending payments

Brazilian timezone fixes

We’ve fixed a bug that was affecting Brazilian users when timezone has changed.

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