Founded in 2014, States of Matter is a full service design agency for lifestyle and tech brands. It is based in Seattle and it has five employees focused on helping you create an exceptional brand. They give you form so you can make money and all the other good stuff that comes from a well developed brand. Paymo helps them keep up with project performance and budgeting.

“We have more work than you can shake a stick at and we're constantly challenged to find ways to fit all the work in without sacrificing on quality. Paymo helps us keep our finger on the pulse of project performance.”Stephanie Downes

What Creative Agencies Love Most About Paymo

Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing

Paymo offers several options for tracking time, but PaymoPlus is ideal for creative people in particular, because it allows them to jump from one idea to another, and therefore from one task to another without having to interrupt their creative flow.

Keeping a Close Eye on the Project's Budget

When you’re involved in a lot of projects, it’s important to keep track of the project’s performance to make sure you’re balancing costs and earnings. This way, you can nip overspending in the bud and constantly prioritize to see what’s most important.

Estimates & Expense Tracking

Monitoring your projects will help you see how much time is spent on recurring tasks, which will create more accurate estimates for your future projects. You can convert your estimates into invoices and keep track of your expenses.

The Discussion Module

When you have a good idea or you want to ask your colleagues questions about a certain task or project, you can use the discussions module. That way, you will have all the project details in one place and see everyone’s input.

Staying Organized with Timesheets

When you handle a lot of projects, you also run the risk of having them overlap. That’s when Timesheets come in, as it will help you see where you have empty time windows.

Project Overview

When you’re handling a lot of projects, it’s important to be able to have a quick view over the project’s scope and main details so that you can focus on what’s essential and don’t sacrifice on quality.

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