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Today we’re continuing with our series of updates that focus on providing you a better global picture of what’s going on in the company and keeping your schedule on track.

We are introducing a new view called Ungrouped. In this view you’ll be able to see and manage all your employee bookings on a beautiful timeline, no longer constrained to User or Project grouping. This is a great way to see the whole big picture.

team scheduler


We’ve also added some other great features:

  • see all your bookings in the new Daily view
  • book time for your tasks at an hourly level (this works very well for time-sensitive work)
  • dragging and dropping unscheduled tasks directly on the timeline (cut down time drastically if you need to schedule a lot of tasks)
  • updated look & feel

If you’re using Paymo Business, you can start planning your projects with the new Timeline Ungrouped view today.

If you’re using Paymo Free or Small Office you can get access to the Resource Scheduler and more by upgrading to the Business plan. Feel free to reach out to our customer support team if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of the Business plan.

Happy scheduling!

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nice update!


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