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Laurentiu Bancu

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Laurentiu Bancu

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched an updated tasks management component, rebuilt from the ground up.

New Tasks

Here’s the list of improvements:

  • a new filtering system with more options
  • improved real-time collaboration
  • improved drag & drop functionality
  • inline editing for task lists
  • improved performance when working with thousands of tasks in a single project
  • added the ability to change the progress board status from simple & table view
  • added tracked time by user and total time tracked for each task in simple & table view
  • added the ability to delete files from simple & table view
  • new task animations

Please let us know what you think about these changes in the comments section below.

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Joachim Thomas




What that “improved real time collaboration” means ?



Since this update, everything is not loading right. Not happy.



The new filtering is great.



great on, thank you! I would like an inbox to send tasks real quickly and to deal with them later and to work on mobile app as well. Now, if I have to jot down a task really fast i have to use another app or a piece of paper



Still no way to copy tasks?



For the next release, can we please add a feature that allows you to move a task from one project to another? That would be HUGELY helpful.


Sherri Dickens

Can’t wait to try it out…maybe I can get down to one system….



I like that Paymo is in constant development, keep it up!



Thank you!!!!
Thats a realy nice Feature. We have projects with hundreds of tasks in different lists.
Everytime you open that list, you could get a cup of coffe until its finished to load.
But now, i have “THE FILTER” and can quickly switch between this lists over shortcuts.

Thanks again!!


Marcus Wendin

Thanks, an important feature for us is to see the task budget time when entering your worked time. I will test if that is included. Also when planning a time budget it is nice to have much details, but for fast time reporting it is not.



I like it. Particularly the fact that the column selection now remains set until it’s changed. That’s a major hassle removed. Thanks.


De Harris

I do love that you are always finding new ways to improve. Please, would you please reinstate the “view” option on the invoices tab so I can quickly access what sent, paid, viewed, etc. Right now I have all the invoices showing up and the drop down doesn’t give you the previous options. Thanks!


June Wilson

Is it possible to assign tasks to clients? I would love to do this, as some items in web design we need the client to complete, not us. Furthermore, it would be great for the client to see their pending tasks inside the Client Portal.


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