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Today we’re launching two updates, a new Home Screen and the convert project to estimate feature. We strive to offer you a better global picture of what’s going on in the company, how all work fits together, and if there are tasks that are obstructing your schedule and getting you off track. 

Home will serve as a command center for all your task management activities company wide – a great bird’s eye view of all your tasks and all your team’s tasks. In addition, you will have access to a Meta Kanban Board – a new way to view all your tasks across all projects as a board plus the ability to set task priorities.


Another area we’ve been improving is the sometimes tedious task of creating new project estimates. We think the best approach to this is creating a temporary project that you can play with – setting up all your future tasks, time estimates, and costs. 

Once all the data is in the project with a click of a button you’ll be able to convert this into an estimate (which can then be edited further if needed). There’s also a new field in Estimates that allows you to add an extra description for your project on top of the Costs Table. 

After you’re finished with the Estimate you can pass it on to your client who will either accept it or reject it (so you can further tweak it). When an estimate is accepted by the client you should transform the temporary project into the real project and get to work.


Home is available on all Paymo plans (including Free) at no extra cost. 

If you’re already using Paymo Small Office or Business, you can start converting project to estimates right away. Feel free to reach out to our customer support team if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of the Small Office & Business plans.

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Larry Daniele

I’m excited to hear about the “Estimate to Project” design. That makes a LOT of sense and will save me a lot of back and forth from a spreadsheet estimate to Paymo project once an estimate is approved.



Frank Simpaon

Thanks for keeping me up to date with changes even though I am only a part time contract worker. Information is knowledge and power.



David Miller

Great feature… In line with something I’d requested, so I appreciate you’ve taken the initiative and actually followed through. Projects and Estimates both involves steps of Itemizing tasks, and it makes sense that once you’ve spelled out all those tasks it makes sense and is very helpful to be able to use them in your estimates. I’ve already done my first estimate using this. One additional helpful tweak would be if the list is sorted or sort-able by ‘item’, which in my case is a numbered shortcut code. Very helpful improvement. Thank you very much for making a great program constantly better.


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